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zombie pitch


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Basic Idea Zombie


The Short has the concept of discrimination of a zombie in a normal world. Like: I'm Here- Discrimination of the robots Boys in the hood Gangs of new york . The color purple Gangster films tend to have ethnic discrimination & division of gangs. Where the wild things are.(animation) Brokeback mountain. youth pictures are often about discrimination.) Concepts.


Zombie who everyone runs away from longs for a companion, We follow the zombie in the discriminative world. Narrative


Zombie , Lovers on bench. Speed dating partner Hecklers on street . Characters

Mise en scene:

Opening scene In dark foggy alley. Mise en scene

Costume & props:

Make up,  False arms, fake blood. False arm In Fridge perhaps packaged. Costume & props


Ambient , Lights used inside dim, Brighter on zombies face to highlight it. Dismal Grey & green filters. LIGHTING


13 -24 years (certain comedic aspects ) Also as said earlier, a lot of youth movies involves discrimination. Audience

Themes Time & Technology:

The passing of day and night will be shown. Often A grey filter will be used. Themes Time & Technology

Zombie narrative:

Chloe, Lindsey, Peter & Emma Zombie narrative


SCENE 1 Scene - Alley Zombie: moaning sound in alley Person 1:”what is that” *screams*runs way


SCENE 2 Scene - Park bench Zombie: Walks u to park bench and sit down couple: “what are you, get away from us!” Zombie: “I didn’t do anything wro …” Couple: “run it’s going to try and eat us” Zombie: “ Wai …” sheds tear


SCENE 3 Scene - street Zombie : walks home People in background : eww look at it, why does it even try


SCENE 4 Scene – house Zombie : “ where is it? I know I put it in here some where” pause rummages around “ah there it is” pulls out packed human arm – for microwave puts in microwave 4 minutes close up, finished cooking close up opens microwave cuts to next scene


SCENE 5 scene - house front room Zombie walks in with cooked arm, and looks for TV remote Zombie: ”stupid people always thinking I’m gonna eat them” Clicks on TV, lays down and watches a love movie

Angles and Shots:

Angles and Shots Scene 1 (Alley scene) – Wide Shot of girl/boy walking then close up of face after hearing the moan .

PowerPoint Presentation:

Scene 2 (Bench scene) – Wide shot focusing on couple on bench with zombie slowly approaching in the background. Shot reverse shot of couple shouting at the Zombie. Camera zooms into zombies face as it says ‘wait’ as they walk away. Extreme close up of eye.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Scene 3 (Street) – Shot of zombies feet tilts up and zooms out to show zombie hopelessly wandering down street. POV shot showing peoples disgust at the zombie. Low angle for the peoples face.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Scene 4 (house front room scene) – Mid shot of zombie looking around. Cut in of the missing object followed by close up of he/she's face as discovers missing object. dissolves out as it starts to eat.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Scene 5 (Letter box scene) – Close up of zombies face as it hears letter box. Shot reverse shot when looking at letter In shock. Extreme close up of the pen writing information on dating form (informing audience ).

PowerPoint Presentation:

Scene 6 (speeding dating scene) – High angle of speed dating match looking scared and close up of zombies mouth speaking followed by over shoulder shot of girl running away . POV shot as camera descends (Head lowering).

PowerPoint Presentation:

Second person POV shot of second person approaching extreme close up of eyes bulging as she sees zombie and panning shot of her walking away. Extreme close up of zombie shedding a tear. End Scene (Alternative Ending)

Alternative Endings:

Alternative Endings Zombie

Why the endings:

Why the endings Ok so we have decided to come up with more than one ending, an alternate ending to be precise, this is because giving an alternate ending allows the characters to have e ither a better or worse ending, some people like happy endings some people like tragic endings. The first ending is a happy ending and the second a tragic comedy ending.

Ending 1:

Ending 1 The first ending, runs along the lines of, the zombie gets a speed dating application though the mail, and decides to go for the chance at speed dating because he/she is all alone and has nothing to lose, and this could give the chance to be with some one. The zombie then goes to the speed dating and every one who sees him/her runs away or screams because of how he/she looks, then another zombie turns up at speed dating. And the 2 zombie start talking, but after the night is over they go home and don’t see each other for a while. then one night the other zombie is knocking at the door because he/she liked the main zombie in the speed dating. And they live “happily ever after”

Ending 2:

Ending 2 The second ending is more tragic, and rune along the line of instead of speed dating, the zombie finds an online dating website, he/she signs up to the web site, and instantly gets 3 reply's from users of the website and he/she check them they run out to be only span mail, but the last one is an invite from another zombie to a café near by, the zombie goes there and only sees 2 people there and he/she asks about another zombie, and it turns out to be a trick by the people in the café *not the owners of the café* he/she then goes home and starts to watch love movies by him/herself again while eating his/her own arm. And this is the finish of the second ending

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