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Are you planning for Incredible India Tour? Book your Incredible India Tour package plan with Explore the the most beautiful and exciting travel destinations of India. This make your


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What to See and Experience in Your Next India Tour?:

What to See and Experience in Your Next India Tour?

Incredible India Tourism:

Incredible India Tourism India is a vast country and so, for a memorable India tour you should have an idea of the rich diversity of this country. India, known for its socio-geographic diversity, can offer any tourist the experience of visiting multiple countries at one go .

India Tourism with Trinetra Tours India:

India Tourism with Trinetra Tours India Mountains, wild rivers and dense forests of the North can be as exhilarating as the vast and serene deserts of the west. Exclusive forest and wildlife of the east appear as rewarding as the on-of-its-kind architecture of the South. Therefore planning an India tourism covering its heritages, landscapes, cultures, shrines and people is bound to offer a never before experience. You need to accommodate all distinctive places in your travel plan keeping it logistically feasible. The best way is to divide your plan into four sub-segments: North, East, South and West.

Northern India Travel:

Northern India Travel The Northern part of India is characteristically defined by Himalayan terrains, wild rivers and partly the resplendent historical imprints, especially of Delhi, India’s capital and heritage city of Agra. It is always better to travel these places during the spring or autumn as the temperature remains soothing. But if you are looking for treks in snow clad mountains: nothing better than the winter.

Explore Eastern India :

Explore Eastern India Eastern part of India, especially the far-flung hilly states can offer you an exotic India tour . But these states can provide you with the most thrilling travel experience you might have ever had. States like Arunachal, Meghalaya, Mizoram or Nagaland are not only rich in terms of eco-diversity, but they also offer a plush palette of ethnographic varieties. Cultures of different tribes residing in these states for ages are reflected in the beautiful handicrafts they make. Free flowing crystal clear rivers offer tranquility, repose, and unadulterated joy. Accessibility is limited to these states mostly due to unavailability of extensive railway tracks or airports. But, if willing, you can travel across the region by road. However, it is better to avoid the season of heavy monsoon as it makes road tougher to move through.

Western India Tour:

Western India Tour Western India is well-known for its heavy industrial metropolises, urban glitz, and serenading deserts. This part is where the cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad -Nagpur or Pune are located. However, the state of Maharastra , Gujarat which offers a unique blend of history and nature needs special mention. Forts, Palace, Heritage monuments, caves, ancient paints of Ajanta & Ellora or the beaches, hill stations have been attracting foreign tourists as well as domestic travelers to a large number since long. Summer is that of scorching sun here. Any time except the summers is a season to tour the western India.

Trip to Southern India:

Trip to Southern India The Southern part of India has its expansive beaches, coffee estates, sanctuaries and authentic Indian architecture. Places like Kerala which is famous as god’s own abode has an abundance of nature, whereas places like Hampi or Shrabanbelagola in Karnataka are well-known for its heritage sites. Summer is humid here but you can visit these places any time during the year.

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A proper India tour can often be tiring for the sheer expanse between its two states. It can also become overwhelming as the chaos on the roads is often beyond control. But, in spite of the hullabaloo, India shows to an inquisitive traveler how vibrant, diverse and inclusive life could be in a thriving civilization which has an unmatchable past as well.

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