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Tribute Aviation Services are your aviation fuel product supplier in Arizona and California. The products include JET-A Fuel, Fuel system icing inhibitor and AVGAS 100LL Fuel.


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Aviation Fuel Products

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Let Tribute Aviation Services be your personal broker for unbranded Aviation fuels in Arizona California and beyond.

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Jet-A Aviation Fuel Jet A is designed for use in aircraft powered by gas- turbine engines. It is usually straw colored. Jet A fuel is distributed to terminals throughout the US via pipeline.

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Jet-A with Prist Additive Fuel system icing inhibitor FSII is an additive injected into Jet A fuel that prevents the formation of ice in fuel lines. FSII is often referred to by the registered trademark Prist.

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AVGAS 100LL Avgas 100LL aviation gasoline one hundred low lead is an aviation fuel used to power piston-engine aircraft. It is blue in color and contains lead.

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For Personalized Customer Service Call 623.377.6077 Or Visit Our Website www.tributeaviation.com

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