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Conversion and sales in e-commerce on two things-effective marketing and website ranking. Forgetting higher visibility, website ranking is indispensable for any online shop owner.


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How To Improve Website Ranking For E-Commerce Conversion and sales in e-commerce on two things- effective marketing and website ranking. Forgetting higher visibility website ranking is indispensable for any online shop owner. It is inescapable that the e- commerce business owners strategize their action plans to get higher ranking on various search engines for targeting the shopper community. However SEO for e-commerce websites can be pretty intimidating for online shop owners. The first page of search engines aiming is important for all e-commerce sites this guide to higher ranking would help you step-up your game. There are some following points to see your e-commerce site ranking going up : 1. Effective Keyword Research : The keyword is an important part of search engine optimization and helps in driving organic traffic to google online shopping sites. Targeting the same keyword for multiple pages should be avoided. The keyword research for product page should be done with the content being published there in mind. Long tail keywords as they tend to comprise of the web search and it offers a high exact match volume. Avoid using the ones that are targeted by competitors with higher Domain Authority and Page Authority. Tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool etc can be used to perform effective keyword research. Ultimately gain higher website ranking on Google and other search engines. 2. On-Page Optimization : On-page optimization plays an important role in getting higher ranking of an e- commerce site. By Keyword optimization internal linking etc you can easily control on-page optimization. Each page of the site should be effectively optimized. So that the search engines spiders can easily crawl through the pages and rank it higher. A more responsive version is proven to be beneficial in on- page optimization by structuring the site improving the usability adding customer reviews and updating the e-commerce site. All the products and images can also come handy while performing on-page optimization for higher ranking.

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3. Social Media Marketing : A social signal account of the organic search confirms the two search engine giants Google and Bing. To gain a high rank on the search engines the social media following on the website is an instrument. Promote your e-commerce site on social media platforms to get the traffic to your site in a short time. The likes shares commenting etc are determined to increase the social media followers. Incorporate social sharing icons on all the e-commerce pages and get as many people to share the content on social media sites. To encourage comments you can also add Facebook Fan Box. 4. Publish More Content : Content is the most important pillars of SEO. The case is no different when trying to get a higher ranking for e-commerce sites. Search engines should be unique informative relevant and fresh content. Keywords should be the base of the content you write to get higher visibility on search result pages. Duplicate type of content should be avoided. Qualitatively rich content should be posted on the page. Blogging strategy with relevant keywords and e-books publications could be a great way to get more traffic on the site through various sharing means. Google Penguin gives almost value to rich and lengthy content. So try to make your blog posts daily. 5. Boost Page Load Speed : A single second delay in your website loading time can result in a 7 loss in conversion and 40 of web users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. For determining the conversions and bounce rate the speed is the perfect answer to the question ‘ how to improve page rank for e-commerce websites’. As an e- commerce site has a number of pages with products displayed through high- quality images. The page load speed of the website tends to slow down and this

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may affect the website ranking in Google. Reduce the size of the components on the website deploy faster servers. That’s why to use better techniques to fetch data for improving the website ranking. When you performed all these tasks it is time to measure the success of your efforts and analyze what is working for your e-commerce site and working for your e-commerce site and what is not. Keep repeating the process and updating your website with the latest e-commerce trends to stay on top of the Search Engine Results pages ranking game.

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