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Trey Allen English Portfolio:

Trey Allen English Portfolio Cell phones and impact on communication

Proposal :


Annotated Bibliography :

Annotated Bibliography

Class Presentation:

Class Presentation

Genre Portion(Rough Draft):

Genre Portion(Rough Draft)

Genre Portion(Final Draft):

Genre Portion(Final Draft)

Daily journal entries:

Daily journal entries

Blog posts:

Blog posts


Reflection English 1102 was a good experience. I have always liked English though because I enjoy writing and I have always been good at papers. However, I enjoyed how the flow of the class went with the presentations because I learned so much. First , we started off with a proposal, which is deciding ourtopic for the project. My topic was how cell phones have changed communication. I have always had a cell phone so I felt like I knew a great deal about them, however, that changed greatly when doing my research because there is much about them that people really don’t know. Next, we started searching for sources about our topic of research. Then we did an annotated bibliography which makes us explain why we chose our sources and if we think they are credible or not. I believe everyone should have to do this because it really helps evaluate whether or not the information is reliable. After that we wrote our paper, then took the rough draft into class for our classmates to do peer review. After we did peer review our teacher came and looked over it and evaluated the paper and told us what we needed to fix. My critique group was a major factor in helping me correct my paper because from the first day they gave me ideas and helpful suggestions. My style of how I chose to go about this project was based on the fact that I wanted this project to appeal to any kind of audience.  

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