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The Problem:

The Problem Media stuck in the red v. blue mentality Access to media is limited Communication to voters is indirect

How are you communicating today?:

Write a press release Make phone calls Hold a press conference Post a tweet and write a blog How are you communicating today?

What Happens Next?:

News article published, maybe Article is accurate, maybe Article, if published, becomes “ fact ” Article blogged about and passed around social networks as fact What Happens Next?

PowerPoint Presentation:

What you say… …what they hear

PowerPoint Presentation:

The Network Journalists Legislators Advocates & Organizations Columns District Soapbox Website News INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMIZED SHARED CONNECTED

The Platform:

The Platform

PowerPoint Presentation:

A Platform A Moderator A Direct Connection with Voters Over 150,000 daily unique views during past election cycles What is ?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Unfiltered Non-partisan (NOT Anti-partisan) Full spectrum of political viewpoints Minimal Overhead Why is different from Traditional News?

PowerPoint Presentation:

“ IVN will be a platform for communication between independent-minded voters, civic leaders, and journalists who speak for themselves, unfiltered by the partisanship that drives the larger public dialogue ” The Mission

PowerPoint Presentation:

Why is different than Facebook or Your Blog? We are a recognized News Source More exposure Diverse readership

What are the Rules?:

What are the Rules ?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Respect the etiquette standards

PowerPoint Presentation:

No ad Hominem Attacks No Self-Promotion Sources must be Cited and Substantiated No Partisan Based Attacks Our Etiquette

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Free Editorial Service Broad Exposure Targeted Readership Analytics Mobile applications What do You get?

PowerPoint Presentation:

A legitimizing force A de-centralized news network with unlimited extendibility A place for truly unfiltered news The Future of

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