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3 Table of Contents Introduction 4 1. The Contagion: Is Nail Fungus Contagious 6 2. The Origin: Does Nail Fungus Spread in the Body 7 The Common Source 7 The Aftermath 7 3. The Age Factor: Which Age Group Is Most Likely to 8 Get Infected How Does Age Afect Fungal Infection 8 4. The Major Contributor: How Does Diabetes Cause 9 Nail Fungus Is This a Mere Coincidence 9 Bottom Line 9 5. The Psychological Factor: Does It Make Y ou a 10 Social Outcast The Impact 10 6. The Risks: Is Nail Fungus Fatal 11 Cellulitis 11 Other Health Problems 11 Waterfalls 11 7. The Cure: Can Nail Fungus Be Cured 12 The Pathological Problem 12 The Extra Cover 12 The Relapse 12 Are You Looking for a Solution 13

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4 4 Introduction Everything You Need to Know about This Deadly Disease Is your toenail starting to get unsightly Has it begun to crumble Does it hurt more than it should when you accidentally of course stub your toes If yes then you may be sufering from toenail fungus. What Is Toenail Fungus Onychomycosis is one of the most common skin infections. It usually results in ragged broken toes that get chipped easily. The fungi then gradually start spreading to the rest of your toenails. Since the infection primarily begins in the toenails the infection is dubbed as the ‘toenail fungus’. Therefore we will refer to it by this name throughout the report. � Nails start becoming thick. � The nails get duller and lose their ‘shine’ � Nails become either lighter or darker in color. � Nails start to lose shape. � The area under the nail starts to hurt. � A foul smell coming from your fungi-flled nail. As the name suggests the infection is caused by fungi that have accumulated in your toenail and the surrounding area. The disease was previously known to be localized and quite harmless unless you count the hideous toes. Unfortunately recent research has shown that this assumption was wrong and that the toenail fungus can lead to death. Before we give you more details about the silent assassin let’s tell you how to identify it. In short your nail will start to look pretty ugly with time. It will smell weird too and before long the infection could spread to the other nails. The Symptoms: Are You Sufering from Nail Fungus Not only is the nail infection common it is easily noticeable. That is why if you pay attention you will clearly be able to see signs of this destructive disease. Here are the symptoms of this sinister problem:

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5 The Causes: How Did I Get Infected If you just looked at your toes and saw signs of infection then you are most likely to ask this question. Since you may not have realized that a problem was festering in your toes. Some of the most common causes of the fungus are: � Fungi like dermatophyte or exposure to yeast and molds � A decrease in blood circulation to the feet � Skin infection � An injury on the toe � Athlete’s foot � Weak immune system Apart from this frequent visits to damp places or a lack of hygiene can also contribute to this disgusting problem. This is because the wet sweaty and dirty environments are prone to become breeding grounds for the fungi. Why Should You Be Afraid Previously toenails were not considered a pressing problem. Many people believe that they can simply hideaway their infected toes with socks and shoes. In fact that is how most infected people treat their ugly toes. However evidence shows that the fatality rate of fungal infections is greater than malicious malaria. In fact approximately 1.6 million people die of fungal infections every year. A large section of these deaths is caused by the terrible toenail fungus. This is why if you stub your toes get infected or see them getting paler each day then you have every reason to get worried. This may be the start of a rapid deterioration of your health that may lead to death. How is this possible Science is still out there collecting data on the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of this situation. Like always the problems are piling up faster than the solutions they have at hand. However we have gathered some deadly facts that prove that the ugly toenail fungus is a problem you need to fx as soon as you identify it. Think of these facts as some of the gazillion questions that you may want answers for. Are you ready to hear us out Then read on and discover the many overlooked facts about this neglected problem …

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6 The Contagion: Is Nail Fungus Contagious 1 Despite the fact that this is a common foot problem many people overlook their contaminated toes. More often than not they think that the fungal infection appeared out of nowhere. While in reality it must have started from somewhere. This doesn’t mean that the toenail fungus is as contagious as the common cold. However it has been observed that the fungus can be easily transmitted from one infected person to another. The unfortunate part is that you probably will not know that the other person is infected when you get the disease. In fact the infected person may not even meet you or touch you. How is that possible You see fungi are microorganisms that thrive in dark damp places. They can’t be seen without a microscope. Thus you will never be able to feel its presence or see it in your surroundings. This is why you are most likely to pick up this infection-bearing fungus when you: � Walk barefoot in swimming pool areas and gym lockers � Use an infected person ’ s socks or shoes this is quite common in bowling alleys and other � places where you may share shoes � Use contaminated equipment in places like nail salons Therefore many dermatologists advise you to avoid wearing closed shoes as they are known breeding grounds for fungi. One particular research stated that apart from hygiene and proper nail care people should know “the importance of factors such as wearing loose shoes keeping nails short and stopping a range of potentially risky behaviors going barefoot in public places wearing open sandals wearing other people’s shoes and exposing feet or hands to damp environments…” It looks like you can never know where the toenail infection causing fungus is lurking around Wow. That was a mouthful

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7 The Origin: Does Nail Fungus Spread in the Body 2 The Common Source Did you know Toenail fungus athlete’s foot and jock’s itch are all caused by the same fungus. This skin inficting fungi is called dermatophyte. Since all these skin problems come from the same source it is no surprise that they can all occur simultaneously in the body once the fungus starts to spread. Therefore if you let the toenail fungus infection thrive without treatment you are likely to sufer from the other skin diseases too and vice versa. The Aftermath Apart from the numerous health issues that arise from a fungal infection there is also the allergy issue. You can actually form a fungus-free allergic reaction when you contract the toenail fungus. This allergic reaction is called dermatophytid which is defned as ‘skin lesion’ that spreads through the unafected areas of your body. In short in one way or another your fungus infection will lead to a lot of scratching First the fungus will frst start to spread in your other toenails you will see them turning yellow and brittle like the initial toe. Eventually the fungus will get a chance to latch on to the ankles and lower limbs that are exposed to it. These vulnerable spots will then be inficted by the fungus and start to show signs of a rash. In a short time your body will start to itch and the skin rash will spread to other body parts too.

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8 The Age Factor: Which Age Group Is Most Likely to Get Infected 3 Statistics show that nail infections are common in all age groups. However the elderly are susceptible than young adults when it comes to getting infected by nail fungus. This result is infuenced by several factors revolving around age. The primary reason is that old age makes a person more defenseless against the pesky fungal elements. It is said that people aged over 65 have a higher chance of being afected by nail fungus than anyone aged below their 50s. In fact more than 20 of this age group already has infected nails. You are probably thinking why Here are some of the reasons why elderly attract the invasive fungus: � They have been exposed to the fungi for years � Slower nail growth helps fungi to accumulate for a long time � Reduced blood circulation The combination of all three factors creates the ultimate breeding ground for fungal growth. Moreover a weak immune system and prior health issues prove to be quite fatal for the elderly patient. That is why they aren’t strong enough to kick the intruder out like the younger generation. 70 10 65 or older 20 or older 20 35 or older How Does Age Afect Fungal Infection

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9 The Major Contributor: How Does Diabetes Cause Nail Fungus 4 Y ou may not know this but diabetic patients are most likely to sufer from nail fungus than any other category of patients. Statistics show that almost 30 percent of the people infected by nail fungus had diabetes. Is This a Mere Coincidence Bottom Line It is not wrong to suggest that if you sufer from diabetes then you must be careful about your nails. This is because you may sufer more than a healthy person after you contract this infection. No it isn’t. There is scientifc evidence that shows why diabetic patients are more prone to get afected by the fungi. Dr.Mariam Botros says “People with diabetes are particularly susceptible to nail fungus because their high blood sugar levels alter their immunity.” Studies indicate that the bodies that have lower immunity are easier to attack than those that have a strong immunity system. Therefore even though diabetes is not causing the infection it is helping it to accelerate due to the weakened immune system. Moreover these patients sufer from untreatable sores that are a direct result of fungal infections.

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10 The Psychological Factor: Does It Make You a Social Outcast 5 Admit it. You will not hang out with a person with icky nail infections. The sight is disgusting and nauseating and even if you didn’t know the fungus was contagious you would still want to keep a distance. This is probably why around one-ffth of the infected patients have confessed that they avoid social events due to their toe situation. Since nobody likes to be embarrassed laughed at or ignored due to a health condition they can’t control. The Impact This collective stigmatization from social gatherings may lead to: � Nervous breakdowns � Stress � Depression � Social anxiety Those with a toe disease are often seen backing out of commitments and missing activities. This is because they are embarrassed by their cosmetic defect. Moreover in order to hide their faw they take actions that risk further growth. Like: � Wearing covered shoes � Painting their nails � Applying topical lotions that are inefective Gradually the infected people start leading lonely lives and cutting of ties with other people. That is why this common disease is said to actually turn people into social outcasts. We know that it is hard to believe that an insignifcant toe infection can disrupt your life. However we are just laying our real facts here. Ones that you can’t deny

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11 The Risks: Is Nail Fungus Fatal 6 It is no secret that there are numerous life-threatening diseases out there like cancer diabetes cardiovascular problems to name a few. In comparison a toenail infection looks like a slight cosmetic problem that can be hidden under fancy shoes. Unfortunately for you this ‘insignifcant’ toe situation has deadly consequences that go way beyond appearances. Here are the potential health problems that are accelerated due to infected toes: Cellulitis Cellulitis is a bacterial skin condition that is defned as ‘infammation of the skin.’ It appears as a pink patch on the lower legs or upper limbs that gradually starts to spread all over the body. The bacterial infection is considered deadly because it injects itself into the deeper layers of the skin. If the problem is not restricted it may enter the bloodstream and the lymph nodes. Once it does that you are doomed to face bacterial problems that may lead to death. How does onychomycosis cause this Like we mentioned earlier if left untreated the fungal infection will spread to other parts of the body. It will break the skin leaving it exposed to the bacteria that cause cellulitis. Other Health Problems A few other consequences of this infection: � Frequent mind-numbing headaches � Breathing problems � Chronic diseases and many more.. Doctors have come to the conclusion that toenail fungus is a precursor to other health risks. This is because the fungus primarily breeds in patients that have a weak immune system. Thus it gradually spreads in their body leaving their cracked skin exposed and vulnerable to every air-borne disease out there. Ultimately the patients aren’t able to fght back against the other dangerous diseases. Furthermore most doctors will not be able to pinpoint the cause of the disease. Since no one blames the infected toe for something so severe and death-inducing.

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12 The Cure: Can Nail Fungus Be Cured 7 Can’t toenail fungus be cured We believe that this is the most important question that’s popped in your head right after chapter one. We admit that this is an answer we can’t give without pointing out some issues regarding the treatment and cure of the terrible toenail fungus. You see that even though this is a small problem there are many variables that limit the treatment process. They are as follows: The Pathological Problem Did you know Fungi cells are more similar to human cells than plant cells. Therefore any anti-fungus medicine that scientists design has the tendency to accidentally kill of the host cells. This case of mistaken identity makes it hard to fnd a cure for the fungus. The Extra Cover We all know that nails are pretty tough. They are actually one of the few parts of the body that take a long time to decompose. This is why researchers say that “In contrast to those at other body sites nail fungus is particularly difcult to eradicate with drug treatment…” This is mainly because of the ‘hard protective nail plate’ that shields the pathogen behind it. To top it of most people realize the severity of their infection long after the fungus has festered and spread on all toenails. The Relapse Many patients have observed that topical treatments and radiations often subdue the infection. Nevertheless the fungus keeps growing back and distorting their nails after the treatment is stopped.

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14 Henceforth dermatologists often have no full-proof cure for the fungal infection. Many remedies are there but none have long-term efects against this infection. Are You Looking for a Solution Has the hideous sight of your toes got you down Are you tired of hiding the toes under thick boots Painting them over by double coats of nail polish If yes then we have the perfect cure for you. Something that is simpler and less aggravating than those countless trips to the doctor’s ofce. All you have to do is watch this highly-informative free video presentation about toenail fungus and its cure. In the video you’ll discover how a remedy was discovered from a hidden Japanese village. Over 40000 people have tried this solution and they say it was 100 efective. Can you imagine what your life would be like without fungus No more pain. No more frustration. No more embarrassment. If you’re curious about how you can destroy your fungus With over 40000 people free from fungus this fx is proven

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