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i used popular and personal choice images to identify what western cultures see as "pop" culture to get the students to not think only of "pop" music


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What is “pop”? … is this pop? …or is this pop?

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Pop star soda pop The answer is yes …and yes

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Pop culture is ... Everywhere!

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Pop culture is….. things

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Sometimes we wear pop culture.. Sometimes…

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Its fun, funny and exciting

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Sometimes pop culture is a… singer Or a group

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Sometimes its weird…

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Sometimes its TOO much…

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Sometimes it pretty

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Sometimes pop culture is … people

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Sometimes it changes our lives…

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Sometimes we watch it on tv

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Or in the movies

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Sometimes it is very old….

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Sometimes its old… It disappears….

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And then “comes back”

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Sometimes things get upgraded

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Me and my family Are pop culture in America… What person, Thing or event is Pop culture in your Country?

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We want to know ?

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Some ideas for you…..

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