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an english lesson to teach menu, and selections from the menu.


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Slide 1: 

Let’s go out for dinner It is time to learn about the different types of restaurants, and how to order food at different places. To begin with, there are only a few places to go out and eat. The main place we go out to eat is called a restaurant

Slide 2: 

Name some popular “western” restaurants. Tgif Bennigans Outback

Slide 3: 

Another place to eat, if you are in a hurry is a fast food restaurant. The food is tasty, but not that good for you. is probably the most famous of all fast food restaurants. another popular one for chicken is

Slide 4: 

And finally, there is one more place that people will go out and eat, usually something like a snack. are just two of the many places to eat a light snack.

Slide 5: 

Today, we look at one of the most important things in every restaurant…… the menu

Slide 6: 

Some menus are very complicated, some are simple. The main items on a menu are important to know if you are eating in a western style restaurant. For example, do you know where to see this on a menu? We call this …. An appetizer or starter.

Slide 7: 

Sometimes people need to eat a lot, sometimes they don’t like to eat much these are handy choices. fj soup salad

Slide 8: 

Sometimes people eat at restaurants for lunch, soup and salad are good meals for that, especially if busy. Sandwiches are also a good light meal for people with small appetites. Sandwich hamburger

Slide 9: 

The most expensive, and most delicious part of the menu is next. Beef and chicken are the most popular. Seafood (fish) is another for some people. We call these “Entrees” or “Main course” . Here is a chicken entrée.

Slide 10: 

This is a beef entrée. BBQ is not a special meat, but a style of cooking, it is very popular and we pronounce it BAR “B” CUE.

Slide 11: 

And seafood, (not everybody’s favorite) Are you hungry yet?

Slide 12: 

For many children, this is the best part of the meal. The dessert. Dessert is different in Korean restaurants. We eat ice cream, cake and many other things. Ice cream Cheese cake Mousse

Slide 13: 

During the meal, we don’t just eat. It is normal to have a drink with the meal. Water is free, all other drinks on a menu are found in the section called beverages. It includes all non-alcoholic beverages. (sorry, no soju)

Slide 14: 

Waiter: Hello, Can I help you? 
Kim: Yes, I'd like to have some lunch 
Waiter: Would you like a starter? 
Kim: Yes, I'd like a bowl of chicken soup, please 
Waiter: And what would you like for a main course? 
Kim: I'd like a grilled cheese sandwich. 
Waiter: Would you like anything to drink? 
Kim: Yes, I'd like a glass of Coke, please. 
Waiter... After Kim has her lunch.: Can I bring you anything else? 
Kim: No thank you. Just the bill. 
Waiter: Certainly. 
Kim:I don't have my glasses. How much is the lunch? 
Waiter: That's $6.75. 
Kim: Here you are. Thank you very much. 
Waiter: You're welcome. Have a good day. 
Kim: Thank you, the same to you.

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