Talking on the phone

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Talking on the phone : 

Talking on the phone

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Jim: Hello. Jim: Speaking. Jim: Good. What’s up? Jim: No, I’m free. Why? **(Sorry I’ve got plans for Friday.)** Jim: Sounds good. What time would you like to meet? ***(Oh! I just remembered I have to work.)*** Jim: 7:00 is fine. Where would you like to meet? Jim: Sounds good. See you there. Susan: Hello. Is Jim there please? (Can I speak to Jim, please?) Susan: Hi, Jim. This is Susan. How are you doing these days? Susan: Are you busy on Friday evening? (Are you free on Friday?) (Are you doing anything on Friday?) Susan: Would you like to have dinner together? Susan: How about 7:00? Susan: Why don’t we meet in front of Antico’s Italian Restaurant? Susan: Great. Bye. CALLER RECEIVER

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