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Taking a message Some useful phrases you should remember when taking a phone message

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Most important, be polite, say “excuse me or I’m sorry if you didn’t hear the person. Always say “May I “ when asking “May I take a message”. Possible responses for B: classmate from university, 1: old roommate 2: coworker 3: team mate from (hockey, soccer etc) 4: friend from middle school 5: buddy from the army 6 friend from high school 7: anything you can come up with on your own

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Sheet #1 have a message card from one of the characters in this role play. You are that characters mom or dad, and you must take a message from the caller for you son or daughter. Try and get all callers names, how they know your son or daughter, the message, where the caller is and the telephone number. Sheet # 2 must find all the characters, find out where they are, what they are doing and when they will come back home. Characters names: the people who are out and you are leaving a message for are Mark 2. Anita 3.Tomoko 4. Lorenzo 5. Frieda 6. Dinesh 7. Yoon 8. Minsu

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