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Polite Requests : 

Polite Requests Modals and other polite words

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When asking a favor, an introductory polite expression is often used such as, Excuse me,….. Or Pardon me,….., or I beg your pardon, and Please,….. Usually, after asking for favors or requesting something, its good to say, Thank you.

Expressions for asking favors : 

Expressions for asking favors Common openers for making requests are, Can/Could you help me, please? Will you help me, please? Would you help me, please? Would you mind helping me,please?

Common responses to requests : 

Common responses to requests Sure. It would be my pleasure. I’ll do what I can. No problem. No, I don’t mind. Sure, I’d be glad to. Of course I can Certainly. Sorry, I can’t.

Some examples : 

Some examples Can you open the door for me, please? Will you hand me a pencil, please? Would you turn on the air conditioner, please? Could you help me with these boxes, please? Would you please turn down the music? Could you possibly give me a ride home, please? Would you mind taking a picture for us, please? Would you be so kind as to len me your cell phone, please?

Answers : 

Answers EX 1 1,b 2,a 3,a 4,b 5,a 6, b EX 2 1, c 2,e,b 3,d 4,b 5,a

Answers : 

Answers Can/Could you iron my trousers, please? Can/Could you carry my suitcase, please? Can/Could I have a coffee, please? Can/Could I use your computer, please? Can/Could I take a photo of the house, please? Can /Could you take a photo of the house, please? Can/Could you wash the dishes, please? Can/Could I ask a question, please? Can/Could I speak to Mr. Brown, please?

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