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Are you planning to travel out of the country like Germany, Italy, France, Malaysia, Singapore etc? Travel zoom suggests you must take Cruiser Experience of a different kind river Cruise. To know more about travel cruiser visit


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Interesting travel reports from all over the world Cruise experience of a different kind - The River Cruise

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If you are one of those travelers who like ships but no unpleasant waves or possibly a stormy sea then as an alternative only a river cruise in question. Germany is not only the land of poets and thinkers but also of the rivers Whether father Rhine its tributaries we Mosel Main and others Oder Danube or Elbe - a river cruise combines the pleasant with an incredibly different experience. The journey is also not a big problem that you can reach within a few hours the various arrival and Ablegeplätze the river steamer by bus or train.

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Advantages of a river cruise A river cruise has another advantage over a cruise on the ocean - because of the different locks the ships or excursion boats used may not be as oversized as a cruise ship. Ergo - you have a maximum of 200 passengers on a river cruise which in a certain sense and from the point of view ensures an almost familiar environment.

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Enjoy the landscape in a relaxed way The passing landscape can comfortably be followed by a deckchair on the sundeck from the balcony of the cabin but also from the on- board restaurant during a river cruise. Furthermore there is always something else to experience on the river steamer - regardless of whether it is on-board events or numerous landings in interesting and beautiful places with sights. Enjoy the unique atmosphere on board with your hearts content and look at the many historic villages and towns castles and monasteries.

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Elbkreuzfahrt A cruise on the Elbe is never overbooked and will definitely impress you. Highlights of an Elbe cruise include the city of Martin Luther Wittenberg known as the "Elbflorenz" Dresden with its attractions such as the Opera and the Frauenkirche and the porcelain manufactory Meissen. The Saxon Switzerland experience has not only its cultural highlights but also an incredibly beautiful landscape for the travelers. The route upstream goes in the direction of Bohemia and before reaching Prague stops at the confluence of the Vltava and Elbe rivers in the Czech town of Melník. From there you can easily reach the 50km distant Prague with a day trip by bus. In the other direction it goes on to Magdeburg and u.Ust. even to Berlin.

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Danube cruise Who still remembers the song "on the beautiful blue Danube" A true classic among the folk songs and of course under the boat and boat trips on this river. According to a survey just over 40 of all river cruise travelers opt for a trip on the second longest river in Europe. There are many reasons for that During a trip on the Danube you will experience a kind of musical artistic and architectural journey through time to the time of the Habsburg monarchy. Cities such as Vienna and Budapest as well as the Hungarian Esztergom with its beautiful basilica as well as the monastery of Melk which is protected by the UNESCO belong to the sights of a Danube journey. Among the secrets of the trip is definitely the visit of the Slovak capital Bratislava. On another route

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Rhine cruise A trip on the Rhine offers a unique triad - castles such as those in Rheinstein rocks such as the famous Loreley and vineyards. Among other points score on a Rhine river cruise of course other attractions between Rüdesheim and Cologne. Of course a one-week cruise on the Rhine will also be accompanied by other highlights such as the cities of Basel Strasbourg Speyer Düsseldorf and Amsterdam. For this reason one should combine the trip on the Rhine with half-day excursions to the places mentioned with their cultural and architectural attractions. Alternatively you can of course combine a second trip on the Moselle with such a cruise.

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Rhônekreuzfahrt If you book a river cruise on the Rhône for spring or early summer you will experience French Provence at its best - sprouting vines blossoming orange trees and fragrant purple lavender fields. Of course this can best be experienced aboard a river cruise ship. On the trip you will stopover in the artists and Roman town of Arles the capital of the gourmets Lyon and the pope city of Avignon. A special insider tip is a trip to the nature reserve of the Camargue because of the bulls flamingos and the famous wild horses. A rhone cruise takes travelers not only through Provence but also through the Rhône-Alpes region. There you can admire for example the still-preserved Roman bridge in the small village called Vierers. Thanks For watching Interested to read more visit our site

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