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Pho Quoc, Vietnam:

This peaceful tropical paradise, floats in the warm turquoise waters in the Gulf of Thailand, 50kms from the Vietnamese mainland and a 50 minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City. Phu Quoc is becoming well known for stunning beaches, untouched natural environment, the easy going and relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, and fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling . Pho Quoc, Vietnam

What to see in Phu Quoc?:

What to see in Phu Quoc? Phu Quoc Island never has a shortage of places to explore or new things to do and see. Phu Quoc is ringed with some of most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, and offers the best seafood in the country. Here's the complete listing of places to see and experience while enjoying your holiday on Phu Quoc .

Visit Phu Quoc Beaches:

Visit Phu Quoc Beaches There are so many wild idyllic beaches on Phu Quoc Island that you will find amongst them a good selection on which to enjoy your holiday. While they all pretty much have white sands, calm seas and warm waters, there are also lots of variations to choose from.

Bai Truong Beach (Long Beach):

Bai Truong Beach (Long Beach) On the west side of the island lies the main beach called Long Beach.  It is here that most of the hotels and resorts are located.  The beach on this side of the island is more than 5 miles long, heading south from Doung Dong Town. You will find some sections here totally deserted, while other parts are packed with hotels.

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Bai Truong is the beach with the most hotels and resorts, and consequently the loudest and most hectic nightlife. Covering more than half of the west coast, this is also just about the only place in Vietnam you can see the sunset over the ocean.

Bai Sao Beach:

Bai Sao Beach This is the most beautiful beach on Phu Quoc in the eyes of many tourists. Picture a long stretch of pure white sand with likely not a single other soul around. The water is as transparent as glass. You could imagine you are at the ends of the Earth, and in a way you are. Bai Sao means "Star Beach" in Vietnamese, and the name is an apt one, this is the star beach of Phu Quoc Island!

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Bai Sao is located on a private gulf so that there is always small rippling emerging on the coast. Sand has a spotlessly white color and sea is pure as crystal. Tourists are free to enjoy sea and go fishing. After that, restaurant will prepare a hearty, harmonious meal from fishes that customers have caught.

Cua Can Beach:

Cua Can Beach Located on the west coast approximately 8km north of Duong Dong town and just beyond the village of the same name lies a beautiful peninsula. Consider asking for a lift from a local fisherman to get here or adventure through the many wooden bridges in the nearby village. Cua Can village is a true tropical delight with its local houses built on stilts right over the river, and local inhabitants hurrying around in their conical hats

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Cua Can is one of Phu Quoc Island’s 15 eco-tourism areas and will also be used for research facilities. Eco-tourism is destined to be the main income for the island in a very near future, in the past Phu Quoc has been making money on production of black pepper, Vietnam’s best fish sauce and pearls. This could well be a view of paradise, but it is very fragile and difficult to access. Near the atmospheric old school fishing village of Cua Can stretches this sandbar, a crescent of beach lapped by ocean on two sides, highlighted against the rugged hills of Phu Quoc's central spine. Of all the beaches on Phu Quoc, this is the most mysterious.

Bai Dai Beach:

Bai Dai Beach Bai Dai, set on the north-west coast of Phu Quoc, is 26km by road (motorbike only) from Duong Dong, and it takes about 30 minutes to get here by boat. The water here is crystal clear, the sand virgin yellow/white, and there are coral islands only 10 minutes by canoe from the shore.

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Tucked away on the north-west coast of Phu Quoc, this could well be the loneliest beach in all of Vietnam. It could also be one of the best hidden beaches in the world. Due to its proximity to Cambodia, Bai Dai was long off-limits to tourists and foreigners. Restrictions have been lifted, but Bai Dai is still one very secluded beach with coral reefs and tropical fish. With natural beauty like this, it probably won't be so secluded for long. Phu Quoc is often referred to as one of the most beautiful islands of Vietnam and the Bai Dai Beach , which in the military area of Vietnam, is the remote with white sand and beautiful scenery. Phu Quoc will be sought to become the ‘Next Phuket’. If you are looking for beaches that are still untouched by the government, then you might consider a trip to Bai Dai beach.

Bai Vong Beach:

Bai Vong Beach It is on its way to becoming an alternative entrance/exit point to Phu Quoc, following the introduction of a ferry service to Ha Tien. Because there is a pier here and tourists arriving on a regular basis, the beach sometimes swarms with motorbike taxis and touts. But this is also a wild and beautiful beach, a place you can forget your cares To enhance the seclusion, much of the east coast is covered by national park (known in Vietnamese as the Vuon Quoc gia Phu Quoc). It is this national park which descends on the sandy shores of Bai Vong, and wild animals may be seen descending as well, for example the flying gray fox, a bat with a wingspan of two meters. It is said to be the biggest bat in the world.

Ganh Dau Beach:

Ganh Dau Beach Located at the top of the island on the north west coast approximately 28kms from Duong Dong lies the quiet and peaceful collection of beaches of Ganh Dau. Just adventure through the village and you’ll find this little piece of paradise. There’s one local beach side restaurant that serves a good selection of seafood. Now open to tourists by the military, Ganh Dau Beach is located on the north-west coast. You can see Cambodia if you look north over the waters, and this beach could well become Phu Quoc's official gateway to Cambodia if the authorities have their way. For the moment it is not quite as quiet as Bai Sao (Phu Quoc’s star beach), but it is pretty secluded here. The seafood is fabulous and famous. For those interested in history, the beach harbours a shrine to a Vietnamese independence fighte

Freedomland and Ong Lang Beach:

Freedomland and Ong Lang Beach Lined with coconut trees and she-oaks and banyan trees and shielded by thick forest, this is one beach to get away from the stresses of modern life. Swim, take a stroll on the sand, or simply read a book from the comfort of your deck chair or hammock. Watch the sun go down into the water over a cold beer or two, or even three.

See Uniqueness of Pho Quoc:

See Uniqueness of Pho Quoc Besides the relaxing tropical climate, Phu Quoc has a several unique qualities compared to the rest of Vietnam there for you to discover, from the islands own dog to the production of the highest quality fish sauce and black pepper, to local fruit wine.

Drying anchovies and squid:

Drying anchovies and squid One of the unique sights or smells when travelling around the island, are the many racks of drying anchovies and drying squid, which sell in the markets around Vietnam. These form an important part of the Vietnamese diet, used in many dishes to flavour food, and of course anchovies are the special ingredient used to make fish sauce that Phu Quoc is famous for producing. You’ll see these racks mostly along the coastal routes if travelling around the island, from north to south.

Phu Quoc Dog:

Phu Quoc Dog OK, not your usual tourist highlight, but the Phu Quoc Dog is actually one of the worlds three rarest ridgeback type dogs that have whorls running down their backs. It is closely related to the Thai Ridgeback, though it is suggested that the Phu Quoc Dog is a completely different breed given the difference in their size and the 2cm whorl (line of raised fur). They are famous for hunting and protecting houses, for their friendship and loyalty to owners, and fearlessness against competitors.

Fish Sauce Factories:

Fish Sauce Factories For a completely unique experience visit one of the many fish sauce distilleries in either Duong Dong or An Thoi towns. Phu Quoc is famous for its production of very high quality fish sauce which is exported worldwide and is a major contributor to the islands economy. Fish sauce or "nuoc mam" is a dipping sauce which complements most Vietnamese meals to add a saltiness flavor. The factory is a short walk from the markets in Duong Dong. There is no admission charge to visit, though you'd be best off taking a guide along unless you speak Vietnamese. Keep in mind that although nuoc mam makes a wonderful gift for your distant relatives, you may not be able to take it out of the country. Vietnam Airlines, among other carriers, has banned it from its planes. It might stink but for connoisseurs of Vietnamese food, a visit to this fish sauce factory is like a pilgrimage. Nuoc mam is the essential condiment of Vietnamese cooking, and they don't make it any better than on Phu Quoc.

Pearl farming:

Pearl farming If your keen to see the Pearl farms of Phu Quoc you're best bet would be start at the pearl farm shop run by an New Zealand based company in Duong To Village about 9kms south of Duong Dong along the dirt road that follows Long Beach . Here you will find some remarkable pearls and some information about the history of pearl farming on the island. You might find the prices are also quiet remarkable too, judge for yourself.

See these scenic places:

See these scenic places Phu Quoc Scenic views include some of the best sights that nature has to offer, from the many waterfalls to the variety of plantations on the island.

Mount Chua:

Mount Chua In Ba Na, guests will feel the distinct four seasons in one day:  spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter at night. Especially, we can watch the rain around top of the mountain but it is always dry and cool atmosphere in the rainy days. From ledges of the mountain, visitors can cover a vast expanse of space as the sea, Da Nang city and the green rice fields, etc. Coming Ba Na mount, guests will feel as losing in the clouds and smog. From early of twentieth century, Ba Na was selected as a resort by French. Hundreds of villas, castles were built by them. Coming to this place, you can feel your interests with a lot of pretty villas, newly built hotels, and bungalows here, nowadays. Each one has its own flower garden with many types of aristocratic flower that Frenchmen left during the 50 past years.

Suoi Da Ban:

Suoi Da Ban Located about 6kms east of Duong Dong Town, this is a pleasant place for a swim, to cool down in the numerous rock pools and enjoy the surrounding vegetation, There are deep pools and it's pleasant enough for a swim. Bring plenty of mosquito repellent. Suoi Da Ban is named after the many table like rock formations that make up what is actually a white water stream tumbling across large and interesting granite boulders. Another pleasant waterfall is Suoi Tranh , which is reachable by 10-minute walk through the forest from the ticket counter. Admission to the stream is 2000d, motorbike 2000d.

Suoi Tranh Waterfalls:

Suoi Tranh Waterfalls Visitors can have a bracing swim in the pure, cold water, watch the waterfall or pick forest orchids. You can also explore nearby caves, especially the Bat Cave with beautiful stalactites Once you get there, however, you have the option of diving into the clear cool stream, or hunting for wild orchids. You have to pay a fee to visit the waterfalls, but it is well worth the money.

Pepper Plantations:

Pepper Plantations Vietnam is the leading global exporter of Black peppercorns with the best quality black pepper in Vietnam coming from Phu Quoc with big solid corns. Phu Quoc currently produces in excess of 400 tonnes of pepper every year, with the main harvesting season running from February through to July, however you can visit the farms all year round. You’ll find pepper plantations mostly around the central and northern parts of the island and most farmers won’t mind you stopping to take photo’s or viewing these amazing storks of pepper trees or the drying pepper.

Landmarks in Pho Quoc :

Landmarks in Pho Quoc Phu Quoc Island has an many man made cultural and historical Temples, landmarks and memorials that you can easily visit when you tour around the island.

Dinh Cua Rock (Cua Temple) :

Dinh Cua Rock (Cua Temple) Considered by some the symbol of Phu Quoc , Dinh Cau is an oddly shaped rock at the mouth of Duong Dong River. Part lighthouse and part Buddhist temple, the rock is revered as a sacred site. Fishermen pray here before embarking on voyages, and townsfolk flock here to celebrate Tet New Year. Other temples you can visit elsewhere on the island include the Sung Hung Co Tu pagoda, a riot of incense and color in a classical Chinese style, Su Muon Pagoda, and Nguyen Trung Truc Temple in the north, which is dedicated to a famous anti-French patriot who once sheltered here.

Coconut Tree Prison (Nha Lao Cay Dua):

Coconut Tree Prison ( Nha Lao Cay Dua ) It is hard to imagine brutality when you are on the beach, but the beautiful south coast of Phu Quoc hides a brutal past indeed. Some 5km north of An Thoi town is the Coconut Tree Prison, a tropical gulag for generations of revolutionaries in the French colonial era and, more recently, Communist guerillas in the war against America. At the height of the Vietnam War some 40,000 VCs (Viet Cong) were exiled here. Inside you can see headshots of the heroes who were incarcerated, statuettes of prisoners being beaten by guards, and some of the original tiger cages where troublesome inmates were tortured. This Phu Quoc prison still holds some prisoners but tourists are welcome to visit and see the rusty remains of the older complex. Across the road rises a monument to the 4000 prisoners (now martyrs) who perished. There are plans to expand the museum, which at the moment comprises a tiny blue shed (open 7.30am-11am, 1.30pm-5pm; closed Mondays).

Duong Dong day and night markets:

Duong Dong day and night markets Duong Dong markets were typical of genuine local Vietnamese markets. There was a fresh seafood section, fruits and vegetables, poultry, clothing, everything; and all at local prices due to the lack of any numbers of tourists. Night Market . From 18.00 there are lots of small restaurants open on the street of the night market. Great, cheap local food. From 20,000 Dong

Sung Hung Pagoda:

Sung Hung Pagoda Built in the early 19th century, Sung Hung Pagoda, with its original structure and intriguing statues, is well worth visiting. The statue of the Goddess Quan Am Bo Tat overlooks the centre of the courtyard over a small lotus pond. In the main hall, Tam The Buddha is placed on the highest altar. On the wall is a painting depicting Monk Duong Tang’s journey to the West. Behind this is the shrine that worships Gautama Buddha’s ascendancy to Heaven.

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Where to eat? Ocean Bar and Grill . The Ocean bar provides excellent service and food. The seafood is fresh and cooked to order whilst the staff are highly trained and attentive. Michelle, the owner, speaks to every customer about their meal and keeps a photo and book of comments from all patrons. Highly recommended. Buddy Ice Cream & Info Cafe , 26 Nguyen Trai St, Duong Dong Town, ☎ 077 3 994181. Great New Zealand icecream at 20,000 Dong a scoop. Also does toasted sandwiches and shakes. Free internet, wifi and had lots of information about the island. Gives out free Phu Quoc maps too! Bich Nguyên , Tran Hung Dau (Near Chez Carols, 20 meters down on the road to Kim Hoa resort), ☎ 0916 788 719.Small family owned restaurant srrving fresh Vietnamese food. The Dog Bar , 88 Trang Hung Dao st (Next to Chez Carole), ☎ +84-903814688, [4]. open til late. The Dog Bar serves good burgers and pizza's, as well as a range of western, Vietnamese and seafood dishes. Watch live sports, play pool or darts, or just listen to the music and relax with your friends. They had live music when we were there. You can also book dive and snorkelling trips there with Rainbow divers and Anh Tu. They have ice cold beer, mixed drinks and cocktails and friendly English speaking staff. A good place to spend you're evenings in paradise. Very reasonable prices.

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