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Famous Cities in Georgia Georgia is the eighth most populous state in the country with a population that exceeds 10 million. Georgia is at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe in the region of Eurasia. It borders the Black Sea to the east Russia Turkey and Armenia to the north and Azerbaijan to the northwest. Georgia enjoys its culture and history along with its natural beauty which ranges from coastal areas to mountains to green fields. The state capital Atlanta is the most populous boasting a population of over 463000 residents. Atlanta city is the largest city in the state of and it is the state capital of Georgia. Here in this blog we discuss the Famous cities of Georgia where you can come here and visit and enjoy your vacations with the amazing seaside view of cities List of Famous Cities of Georgia: 1.Kutaisi Kutaisi is a legislative capital of Georgia and the second largest city. It is situated along the banks of Rioni River to the west of Tbilisi.

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The city has a population of 198808. Geographically the city is surrounded by deciduous forest and experiences humid subtropical climate. 2. Tbilisi Tbilisi is Georgia’s capital and largest city and is located on the banks of the Kura River. The city has a population of about 1.3 million people. The architecture of the city is a mix of Medieval classical and modernist structure

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which reflects the country’s history. The city was home to diverse cultural ethnic and religious groups although it is dominated by the Eastern Orthodox Christian. 3. Batumi Batumi is located on the coast of the Black Sea near the feet of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. It is the third largest city with a population of 166420 and a popular tourist’s destination in Georgia because of its varying weather and bustling seaside resort. The modern city of Batumi is characterized by modern skyscrapers and restoration of the classical 19th Century architecture.

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