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How to Decorate Your Living Room in a Traditional Way Being blessed with diverse fauna and rich culture India is itself an inspiration for any kind of art including the decoration of homes. Here are some ideas from the interior decorators in Kolkata as to how you can showcase the rich tradition of our country through your living room. Make it a Lavish Retreat The intricate Indian handicrafts have a close relationship with the history of the country’s Royals. Besides the southern part of the country is the hub of hand-woven textiles. The richness and vibrancy of these textiles can add grandeur to your living area if treated as drapes. You may use these for accentuating any of the walls and the windows as well. But make sure that the colours you opt for are in sync with the colour tone of the room. Religion and Mythology All our beliefs are centered around Indian mythology and religion. So why not apply them in adding character to the living room You may keep metal figurines of Gods or wall arts depicting scenes from the ancient eras. The size and number of decor pieces should be such that your room doesn’t get overcrowded. Ancient pottery and figurines in clay dokra brass etc are easily available at varying price ranges. Furniture Type If you are looking for an essence of the Indian royal decor then don’t mind investing in gilded furniture. The appearance of these items will in itself transform the area into majestic from ordinary. Or you may maintain a nice blend of both casual and formal ambiance. Go for a simple sofa set or get one designed from wood with ornate carvings. One part of the room can have an antique swing or a traditional dewan. Teak ebony or rosewood will impart an exotic appearance to the room. Ethnic Touch to the Walls Decorate the walls with mural paintings on the traditional mehndi or paisley patterns. Or keep them simple decked with few art pieces like Kangra paintings tribal masks or any other handicraft that you feel goes best with the decor of your living room. Brighten the Corner Even a large living room can look cramped if it is not treated with proper lighting. Colourful lanterns form a significant part of India’s tradition and can impart that very essence to your room. The silver artwork is another important aspect of our handicraft industry such as those intricate candlestands. Many of the hill stations like Nainital are famous for their candles that are one of a kind and what to say about the aromatic ones

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Seating Arrangement An Indian living room is a place for the family hangout at the end of a busy day. Thus the seating has to be arranged in such a manner that it suits the needs and tastes of different age groups. Transform your room into a cosy retreat by placing a day bed or any other low seating with throws cushions and pillows in one corner apart from the formal sofa and coffee table in the middle of the room. A Hint of Nature The vibe offered by the rich colours of the decoration stuff can be further enhanced by placing live plants in any corner of the room. Or else you can have a metallic cauldron filled with water and flower petals floating on the surface. For any further assistance get in touch with the best interior designer in Kolkata Transterior. It was recommended to me by a friend when in need. And to my greatest surprise my shabby kitchen magically transformed into a grand one. All credits to them.

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