Important Things That You Need To Learn About A Trade Show Shipping

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Organizing a trade show event and shipping can be an overwhelming task. In addition to booth design, activities such as creation of marketing collateral, handling the transportation, booking travel arrangements, as well as delivery of a trade show equipment will feel an overwhelming experience. Source:


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Important Things That You Need To Learn About A Trade Show Shipping Organizing a trade show event and shipping can be an overwhelming task. In addition to booth design activities such as creation of marketing collateral handling the transportation booking travel arrangements as well as deliveryofatradeshowequipmentwillfeelanoverwhelmingexperience. To get the booth display materials to the trade show safely at the right time and at a good price needs diligent planning and legwork. To stay organized and aware of the intricacies involved in a trade show needs help. We have covered a few important things in this article that will give a good clarity about trade show events and ways to accomplishitsuccessfully.

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ShipmentPaperwork Proper paperwork and labeling are important for all types of trade show freight. In absence of proper paperwork there is a possibility to run the danger of misplaced materials. It is important to ensurethatyouincludethebelowmentioned thingsonyourpaperwork. • Boothnumber • Pointofcontact • Email • Companyname • Phone • Numberofpieces • Dateforthe shipmenttoarrive • Deliveryaddress Some of the trade shows that perform international shipping even provide “ c olor-coded labels” thatareused toassisteventstafftofigureoutwhichareasorroomsdoesthe freightrequiresto go.

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Workaheadoftime Trade show shipments are seen to have longer timelines as compared to a traditional freight. It is needed for you to make shipping arrangements for your product a few weeks before the actual date of shipment. Once you make the decision to participate in a trade show you need to build an elaborate timeline. Prioritize your shipping needs asworkinginadvancecangetyoumoreopportunitiestolowerpricingandtransportationoptions. For the trade show shipment it is best to shortlist at least two to three shipment companies and then choose a preferred carrier. You can take quotes from these service providers. It is best to receive quotation a minimum of fifteen days or a month before to the actual date of shipment. Carriers who have specialization in trade shows can even book their capacity when you do not schedule orders in time. With prior notice trade show shipping can evenoptimizethefreightmovement that resultsincheaperpricing. AdvanceWarehouses Trade show freight mostly does not get shipped to the event location. In place of it it gets stored at an “ ad v anc e w ar ehouse” that lies close to the actual location where the trade show is going to be held. Just one before the date of the event freight is stored at that place and on the event day it gets delivered right to the event location. Tradeshowsnormallyprovideeventexhibitorswithelaborateinstructionsaswellasthetimelinethatincludes:

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• Deliveryofwarehouselocation • Timeanddateforinternationalshipping • Anyrestrictionsorguidelinesrelatedtopackaging • Propershippinglabels When the freight reaches the warehouse the carrier may charge a holding fee. A drayage fee will also be charged for delivering trade material to the booth. On the basis of the quantityoftheeventmaterialsboththesefeeswillbedetermined. Though there may be an added cost for delivering the product to an advance warehouse it is definitely the best and full-proof method to deal with the trade show freight. You can easily trackthe order as well asthe materials that willbe waiting at thebooth at the time of arrival..

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Conclusion Trade show shipping can be a daunting process when you don’t have the necessary information about the execution of the event. In addition to these tips assistance of the righttradeshowshippingcompanywillhelpyouintherighthassle-free executionofthetask. Source to-learn-about-a-trade-show-shipping/963281

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