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Legal transcription services especially for lawyers, attorneys and law firms to transcribe their important records to document.


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Legal Transcription Services, Document Every Audio Video Legal Recordings Legal transcription are widely used by individual lawyers to law firms to write out their precious audio recording. Transcription Services India , a professional transcription services company, provides transcription services for lawyers, attorneys, legal associates, solicitors, law firms, etc to turn their dictations, recorded in any format or dictated over the phone, into professionally typed and formatted legal documents. Vast Experience of Transcribing Legal Documents: Transcription Services India (TSI) has a team of professional transcribers that are well versed with ins and outs of legal documents: formatting, and the terminology, and the importance of accuracy. We have vast experience in the legal field and personally transcribe your documents. Transcribe any Audio Recordings: We can deal with huge amount of legal audio/video files which include: • Court proceedings • Administrative hearings • Legal letters • Briefs • Telephone conversations • Court tapes • Depositions • Wire tapes • Memorandums and other internal communications • Verbatim etc. Quick Turnaround Time: Turnaround time at Transcription Services India is custom and quick. Simply send the audio/video files that you need to transcribe through email or via FTP, within 24 hours you will receive a proofed and print-ready transcribed document.

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Privacy GUARANTEED: We place the best concern on maintaining all records sent from and to the client confidential. If a client wishes, we are also willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as a part of the agreement. Other Benefits: • High level of accuracy. All transcripts go through three levels of checks • Low operating cost • Work is performed by professional transcriptionists • Easy and fast retrieval of information About Transcription Services India: Transcription Services India (TSI), an established transcription company transcribes audio files into print ready word documents. Rates are very economical and accuracy is GUARANTEED. For more information visit at: Follow us on: Keywords: legal transcription, transcribing legal records, transcription services, legal audio transcription

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