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Reading with a Purpose :

Reading with a Purpose Van Anh Tran 07/13/14

Do Now: :

Do Now: What is your relationship with reading? 5 min Record in your notes!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Class share out We do a lot of reading everyday (not just for school) Open mind/Growth mindset

Today, you will be able to::

Today, you will be able to: Annotate a text using a close reading strategy Identify how you read differently with different purposes OBJECTIVE

Let’s Practice! :

Let’s Practice! Reading for lesson: Underline the important details

PowerPoint Presentation:

What did you underline? What types of things can you do with this information ? Trick Question: You read with NO Purpose

Reading without a purpose:

Reading without a purpose  No purpose= N o reason No intent No motivation

Reading with a Purpose  :

Reading with a Purpose  PURPOSE=knowing what you are looking for What is the question you are trying to answer? What is the problem you are solving? Why are you reading this text?

Reading with a purpose:

Reading with a purpose When first looking at a text and starting to annotate: Have a purpose for what you read EFFECTIVE ANNOTATIONS

What happens after that? :

What happens after that? Summarize a chunk of text Think and QUESTION what you read. Make sure that you understand what you read. (clarification questions) Make predictions about what will happen next. Draw conclusions about what you read. Tips

What do good readers do? :

What do good readers do?

Reading with a Purpose :

Reading with a Purpose Mansion story AGAIN ( ) Purpose: You are interested in buying the house. Highlight/ underline important details

Reading with a Purpose:

Reading with a Purpose Mansion story AGAIN AGAIN Purpose: Pretend that you want to rob this house. How would what you pay attention to and underline change?

Now Read: :

Now Read: ***Insert the Directions to any Project/Assignment for any class that your students may have*** Read with a Purpose Read the project/assignment description with the purpose of figuring out what you have to do in each step of the project . 5 min ***Make a list of what you will have to do for each step of the project


Reflection How did you read differently once you had purpose? How do your notes change based on the purpose that you have? How can we apply reading with a purpose to other reading assignments?


Citations “Mansion Reading” from Katie Goddard, History Teacher, Summit Public Schools

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