Why having a mobile version of your website is now a necessity

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Why having a mobile version of your website is now a necessity


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Why having a mobile version of your website is now a necessity:

Why having a mobile version of your website is now a necessity

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Now that smartphones have become so affordable and increasingly popular, they are being used to search the internet for everything from paying bills to shopping. That’s why you’re at risk of losing business if your web site or blog is not usable and readable on these phones.

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Sure you may be able to see your site but can you read it? Can you click on the various tabs on the site? Probably not. Fortunately this is where a mobile version of your website will pay for itself over and over again. Below you’ll see 10 important reasons to have a mobile version of your site that is clear and readable.

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1) One very important reason for a business to have a mobile ready website is to avoid the loss of sales. More people are using their internet ready phones to search, shop and buy.

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The last thing you want is for customers to skip over your site to use a competitor’s more readable, attractive website that displays perfectly in a mobile phone. Customers are accustomed to ease and convenience. They want a browsing experience on their phones.

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2) Also you want to be able to get into the mobile website search engines. This one is huge! Did you even know that there was such a thing as mobile search engines? You can only imagine how much increased visibility you can get if your mobile site is listed in these engines. A few of the top mobile sites are Google Mobile, Yahoo Mobile and Bing Mobile.

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3) With a mobile ready website, you are extending your reach because of the sheer volume of people who are able to search for your business on their phones. Smartphones have gone down in price making them much more affordable to virtually everyone.

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What this means of course, is that many people will be searching for your business on their mobile phones, and that number of people will only increase. So obviously you want to be prepared.

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4) Follow the trend. Searching the internet using smartphones is fast becoming the ”norm”. This is one trend you want to get on quickly . It’s an easy trend to get in front of and an easy opportunity to take advantage of.

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5) Facebook goes hand in hand with mobile phones. Over half of Facebook’s visitors come from a mobile phone. If you have a business Facebook account, you’ll find it easy to engage your customers and to promote to them as well. And of course you could market your website from your Facebook account

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6)Most small businesses are just beginning to “get it”. The avalanche is starting. Having a mobile ready site is a must have. You’ll be the “go to” business when customers search for your type of product or service a year from now. Customers will be used to finding and using your site on their phones. Many of your competitors will be wondering what is going on.

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7) Improve your Image. By having your site show up properly in a usable format, you create an image of being technically savvy. Plus, your customers will feel more confident of your business as a whole.

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Fortunately having a mobile version of your site is not going to “break the bank”. There are very affordable solutions. This is one technology change that you can enjoy without a huge investment.

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How to get a mobile version of your site up quick and easy. There are several options in getting your site to display properly in a mobile phone and have it ready for your customers to use.

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Option 1 One way is to do it yourself, by using one of the mobile services and paying a monthly charge. You put up the content yourself. They provide a template and the tools needed for you to create your own mobile site. There is somewhat of a learning curve, but this is a good option for the techie types.

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Option 2 For the non-techie person, you can simply hand the task over to a mobile version specialist and let them take care of the details. Normally there is a one-time small fee. One that I recommend can be found at http://www.mobilesitesource.com At the time of this writing they were offering a free Facebook business account as well, although I’m not sure if the offer is still available.

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Either option you choose will work well. What really matters is that you take advantage of the flood of people now using smartphones . The last thing you want is your customers to become used to searching your competitor’s website, instead of yours when looking for your service on their phones.

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