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The internet is opening up great opportunities for you to find new patients for your cosmetic dental practice in Atlanta and I am going to tell you about some great ways to build a strategy of internet marketing tactics for your business.

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Email Marketing: Since visits to the dentist is a repeat affair, timely email marketing helps keep your brand on top of your patient’s minds and makes it easier for them to come to you. The other good thing about this is that there are plenty of tips you can give them in your email newsletters that can be quite actionable and that will lead to them talking about your services with colleagues and friends. For example, now is a great time to include back to school dental hygiene tips in your newsletter that parents can give their kids, and even pass it on to other colleagues with kids. There are always opportunities like these and email marketing has proven very successful for dentists.

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Video Marketing: This ties in to email marketing because of the nature of the videos. In fact, calling this marketing is a little bit wrong because majority of the content will contain small tutorials on dental hygiene like how to teach your kids to floss, and other related topics. Video is a great way to demonstrate some of these techniques and you can create mini tutorials that will put you in front of thousands of potential patients. It establishes your authority and makes you the person people turn to when they need more help. Blogging: We now a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta are pretty busy and perhaps you don’t have the time to blog, but it really doesn’t take that long and writing a small post on a particular problem that one patient faced that can be easily avoided by others is a really great way to help out your patients and earn their gratitude. It will do wonders for your goodwill and generate great word of mouth promotion from your patients.

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Social Media: Having a presence on Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites is a great way to be present where your patients and prospective patients are. You can create a page for your Atlanta cosmetic dental practice on Facebook, and over time your patients will discover it and “Like” it. This will lead to more people discovering you and eventually become your customers. You can also have mini contest, ask questions, and get good feedback which can lead to some great breakthroughs. Having your presence on these networks also mean that your patients know that they have an avenue of directly contacting you if the need arises. That gives them a lot more confidence in you and increases goodwill.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is a way to optimize your website in a way that it appears on search results when people look for cosmetic dental services in Atlanta. This is essential because there are so many sites that are competing for the same business that you need to spend some resources to get your website on top of others. So there we are, some great ways to engage with your patients and prospective patients on the internet and grow your Atlanta cosmetic dental business.

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