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- TradEqual is a new binary options trading platform that takes trading to the next level. We aim to disrupt the binary options market by introducing a global online transparent social trading network around an open binary options exchange. Traders can create, write and sell binary options, acting as the broker. You select your risk, choose your profit, and offer your own binary options to other traders on the TradEqual exchange.


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Binary options trading has become a popular form of online trading because of the simplicity of predicting the rise and fall of an asset’s price over a fixed period. Many forex traders are using binary options to hedge against potential losses on other platforms when currency pairs behave unpredictably. A wide range of other assets such as company stocks and commodities can also be traded online, with minimum of carefully managed risk in a safe trading environment. Put simply, you cannot lose more than you stake. But the profitability of binary options depends on what options are being offered for sale by the platform brokers. Now TradEqual is leveling the playing field and give traders increased opportunities to trade options that are not offered by the brokers. It invites traders to create binary options themselves and offer them for sale on an open binary options exchange. This allows individuals to track and predict market movements, discussing them with other traders, and sharing the excitement of trading like a broker!

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