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If you are a private or professional investor, as a rule, you independently make investment decisions. At the same time, you appreciate expert advice and analytical resources from specialized financial institutions.


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slide 1: Trade AdWise Reviews Restructures Your Stock Portfolio Chennai E-Mail: Investment Advice

slide 2: Investment Advice Support For Your Investment Decisions If you are a private or professional investor as a rule you independently make investment decisions. At the same time you appreciate expert advice and analytical resources from specialized financial institutions. With our consulting support you will use the services of a personal consultant and a team of talented and experienced specialists in the field of investment while still making all investment decisions yourself. Such qualified support will help you make smart and effective decisions about your investment portfolio. We Offer Two Options For Consulting Support:  Consulting services  Consultation Instruction Consulting services Direct Access To Our Experience And Ideas If you need help in conducting market research and developing an investment strategy our advisory services provide direct access to the experience and analytical data of our experts regarding a variety of studies strategies and products. Having direct access to the results of our marketing research the results of our analysis as well as our views on investments you get an idea of our ideas and strategic thinking. Having this data can help you for your own opinion. If you need to conduct an individual research or other consulting assistance you can always ask our specialists a question or discuss ideas with them. “Work with our consultants in fact have at your disposal a personal research department and an investment committee.” Once you make a decision we will provide access to our range of products which will help facilitate the search for the most suitable products to implement your strategy. This will allow you to significantly save the time and resources required to research products while you benefit from our experience and knowledge in this field. Consultation Instruction Comprehensive Partnership Counseling If you need more proactive and comprehensive support in managing your investment portfolio you can take advantage of the consultation instruction which includes direct access to the services of our specialists individual investment ideas and services for active monitoring of the investment portfolio.

slide 3: As well as consulting services an instruction for providing consultations will allow you to communicate directly with our specialists find out their opinions and at the same time develop your own ideas and strategy. But that is not all. “Manage your investment portfolio using all the resources of our bank” First of all we will regularly send you individual investment offers based on the existing investment portfolio and current strategy. We will also actively notify you of important market development trends so that you have information about any events before they happen. At the same time we will constantly monitor your investment portfolio to ensure that it matches your strategy. Monitoring includes conducting regular evaluations and preparing regular reports so that you always have information about your investments and if necessary can quickly reallocate them.

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