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If you entrust us with the management of an investment portfolio, you do not have to worry about business sustainability.


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https://www.tradeadwise.com Trade AdWise Reviews Restructures Your Stock Portfolio Chennai https://www.tradeadwise.com E-Mail: researchtradewise.com Portfolio Management

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https://www.tradeadwise.com Portfolio Management If you entrust us with the management of an investment portfolio you do not have to worry about business sustainability. Managing a modern investment portfolio takes a huge amount of time effort and requires specialized knowledge. That is why many of our private and corporate clients prefer to entrust us with the daily management of their investment portfolios through discretionary management. This is a powerful open and flexible means of implementing an investment strategy. Trust management involves the transfer of authority but not control. We always adapt to your individual needs and tasks. Prior to trust management the consultant will carefully study your requirements with you and discuss all options with you. After the trust management is carried out you will be constantly informed about its progress and the decisions we have made. “Our experts constantly apply their experience and knowledge to your interests and to achieve your goals ” As experienced private bankers and asset managers we understand the degree of responsibility that involves the management of someone elses capital. When managing our customers investment portfolio responsibility is always the main thing for us. If you entrust Bank Kramer with investment portfolio management you can be sure that all the resources of our bank are used in your interests. We offer two types of management:  Classic management  Individual management

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https://www.tradeadwise.com Classic Management Your investment portfolio is in the safe hands of our specialists. The classic management you transfer the right to make all investment decisions to our specialists knowing that they will manage your investment portfolio in accordance with our carefully thought out investment approaches and are always in your interests. With classical management we make everyday investment decisions and monitor the development of the market so that you do not have to do this. You get all the benefits of our global portfolio investment concept tailored to your risk and return preferences. “With classic management you get all the benefits of our day -to-day management of your investment portfolio” The choice of classical management does not mean an instruction to make template decisions. The way you manage your assets depends on the individual profile of the investor drawn up in accordance with your expectations regarding the return on the investment portfolio and the degree of risk. To ensure that your preferences are reflected in your investment portfolio we offer four risk and return profiles within the framework of classic management: Fixed Income The goal is to preserve capital by ensuring stable income and profits. Interest Income The goal is to increase the real value of your assets in the long run at the expense of interest dividends and capital gains with the emphasis on fixed income. Balanced Income The goal is to increase the real value of your assets in the long run through interest dividends and capital gains with the emphasis on equity investments.

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https://www.tradeadwise.com Height The goal is to maximize the cost of capital in the long run at the expense of capital gains as well as interest and dividends through the active use of equity investments. Individual Management Individual Management Approach If you are looking for a more specialized solution for example if you want to focus on a specific area or class of assets or avoid specific types of investments or certain sectors we can create an individual management program for you together. Just say what you need. Despite the advantages of classic investment portfolio management some clients want their particular profile reflected in their investment profile. Thanks to our experience we can easily realize the wishes of the client through individual management. With individual management you can impose restrictions on your investment portfolio for example focus on a specific asset class area or specific financial instruments. Our experts will develop a solution for your investment portfolio based on a common investment approach but taking into account your preferences.

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