Top 7 Responsive Web Design Mistakes With Their Solutions

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These are the top 7 responsive web design mistakes that you made during the implementation. Dont worry, we bring here the solution to overcome this problem. Let see:


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You Need To Know::

You Need To Know: Common Responsive Design Mistakes

Desktop First Approach:

Desktop First Approach Mistake In spite of the rapidly increasing use of different mobile devices for Internet surfing, there are many web developers who are still creating websites with desktop users' needs first. Solution As 57% of traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, you must design websites with mobile first and desktop second approach.

Neglecting the UI/UX factors:

Neglecting the UI/UX factors Mistake While adjusting websites for a RWD, they neglect UI/UX factors completely. It may repel mobile visitors away if they feel problems while using your site. Solution Implement the necessary UX/UI features on your website without any fail. If you are doing this for WordPress websites, WordPress theme customization services will act as a helping hand for you.

Neglecting The Speed Factor:

Neglecting The Speed Factor Mistake When tech-savvy people try to access your site, they expect it to load in the smallest possible time. If your website is slow, they will stop visiting it and switch to its alternative without making any delay. Solution There are many ways you can make your website fast. Just make sure that your website load quickly on all devices.

Navigational Problem:

Navigational Problem Mistake If you implement all navigational items to mobile users, this can drive visitors away from your site. Solution Display only the most important navigational items. Hide all least relevant items in the main navigation bar.

Hiding Content From Users:

Hiding Content From Users Mistake If visitors find any difference between the content displayed on your desktop version and mobile version of your site, they lose trust in your brand. This results in the poor performance of your site. Solution Try to keep your content precise and straightforward.

Inappropriate Call to Action Buttons:

Inappropriate Call to Action Buttons Mistake Small sized CTA buttons make people press wrong buttons which may displease them instantly. Such unhappy visitors don't buy anything from you and leave your site instantly. Solution Don't ignore the huge importance of CTA buttons. Keep their sizes at appropriate levels and attach them properly on your site.

Not Enough Testing:

Not Enough Testing Mistake Most of the entrepreneurs don't test their website for vital tests. As a result, they face lots of problems when it goes online, like negative feedback from visitors, lower ranking in search engine results, etc. Solution When you resort to an RWD, just test your website for all factors. This will help you to eliminate errors from your site and make it ready for mobile visitors.

Final Words:

Final Words These are the top 7 RWD mistakes with their solutions. Just keep them in mind and pave the way for success coming in your way.

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