5 Common PPC Pitfalls or Blunders And Tips To Avoid Them

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Are you worried regarding PPC mistakes or blunders, we bring here the 5 common PPC pitfalls with their solution to avoid the great loss in terms of website traffic, generation of leads, and sales. Details here: https://www.slideshare.net/brandngraves/5-common-ppc-pitfalls-or-blunders-and-tips-to-avoid-them


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5 Common PPC Pitfalls And Tips To Avoid Them:

5 Common PPC Pitfalls And Tips To Avoid Them

1. Redirecting the Audience To Your Homepage:

1. Redirecting the Audience To Your Homepage Pitfall There is no guarantee that customers that land on your website through PPC ads are interested in your offerings. If this happens several times, it diminishes the outcome significantly. Solution Make sure that visitors easily find all the key products/services on the main page and keep your site’s navigation path simple so that visitors can easily search the desired products/services.

2. Monotonous Ad Content:

2. Monotonous Ad Content Pitfall Most of the advertisers use lousy content to create PPC advertisements. As a result, you don’t get the desired business opportunities despite spending a lot of money on PPC advertisements. Solution Determine high volume keywords for your business. Create quality content to run PPC ad campaigns. Make sure that your content motivates the targeted audience to buy your products/service.

3. Neglecting Local Factors:

3. Neglecting Local Factors Pitfall All PPC advertisers aim for a lower CPC (cost per click) while running PPC advertisements. It is almost impossible to keep the ad cost under control if you ignore the local factors. Solution Localize your PPC advertising campaigns and make sure that you have a local vendor in specific areas to address the needs of the targeted audience.

4. Not Tracking Fraud Networks:

4. Not Tracking Fraud Networks Pitfall All leading search engines have networks to distribute your ads. Some networks are fraudulent, which send fake traffic to your website with high bounce rate. Solution Make sure that your ads are distributed to the right network. This will reduce the CPC cost significantly and give you genuine visitors for conversation.

5. Poor Handling Of Affiliates:

5. Poor Handling Of Affiliates Pitfall Several companies use affiliates to garner more and more business. The problem here is that some affiliates don’t show any interest towards the success of your PPC campaigns. If this happens, you not only pay for CPC, but also to affiliates. Solution It will be better for you to run PPC campaigns yourself. If you want to use affiliates for PPC advertisements, ask them to bring quality traffic for the generation of leads one after another.

Concluding Remarks:

Concluding Remarks PPC is a costly way of promoting your products and services on the web and taking the web-based business to the next level. Just avoid the above-mentioned PPC pitfalls and gain success easily.

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