8 WordPress Mistakes And Easy Solution To Avoid

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WordPress mistakes will affect the performance of your website. You need to avoid these silly mistakes as soon as possible to get success in WordPress blogging or web-based business. Here we have highlighted the most common 8 WordPress mistakes with easy ways to avoid them. Details here: http://www.apsense.com/archive/8-wordpress-mistakes-and-easy-ways-to-avoid-them.html


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8 WordPress Mistakes And Easy Solution To Avoid Them:

8 WordPress Mistakes And Easy Solution To Avoid Them

Using A Free WordPress Theme From An Unreliable Source:

Using A Free WordPress Theme From An Unreliable Source Mistake Using free WordPress themes can bring several problems to your site as they may have malicious codes and various security loopholes. Solution You should choose a free theme from reliable resources only and before selecting you should review it. If you can afford, you should buy a good-quality premium theme.

Using Too Many Plugins:

Using Too Many Plugins Mistake When you use too many unessential and misconfigured plugins, They consume a lot of bandwidth & create the massive HTTP requests on your site's server. It makes your website slow. Solution Just delete all unused and illegitimate plugins from your site. It would be better for you to learn the basics of different programming languages.

Using Easily Predictable Login Credentials:

Using Easily Predictable Login Credentials Mistake The problem with most of the webmasters is that they are extremely careless about the security of their sites. They use easily predictable and common login details to protect their sites. Solution Use a strong, random and unpredictable username and password to protect your site. Keep changing your password/username regularly to leave hackers clueless about your site's login details.

Not using Automated backups:

Not using Automated backups Mistake Most of the site owners don't take the backup of their sites regularly. Solution You should have an automatic backup system to recover your site fully once it goes offline. For this, you can use WordPress backup plugins.

Ignoring New updates for WordPress, themes, & Plugins:

Ignoring New updates for WordPress, themes, & Plugins Mistake There are many website owners, who ignore these important updates considering them unimportant. Solution Update your WordPress site, themes, and plugins whenever you get notifications about that.

Using a bad hosting server to run the site:

Using a bad hosting server to run the site Mistake When you run your sites on a low-quality server, you invite many problems such as malicious traffic, frequent downtimes, slow loading speed, lack of sufficient bandwidth, etc. All these can destroy online businesses. Solution Invest in a reliable hosting company to keep your site live 24*7 and ensure its smooth performance.

Not using Google Analytics:

Not using Google Analytics Mistake Several site owners don't use Analytics service on their sites, which makes them clueless about what's working or what's not working for their site. Solution You can make improvement in content marketing and digital marketing campaigns and get the desired results by using Google Analytics.

Not Adding An XML Sitemap To Your Site:

Not Adding An XML Sitemap To Your Site Mistake An XML sitemap is a list of all the pages that are available on your site. It allows search engines to find and index your site or its pages easily and effortlessly. Solution Once your site has an XML sitemap, you can easily get it indexed by search engines.

Final Words:

Creating a WordPress site an easy work. Anyone can easily do that. But, while running WordPress sites, be careful about the above-mentioned blunders. Final Words

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Visit: For More Information http://www.apsense.com/archive/8-wordpress-mistakes-and-easy-ways-to-avoid-them.html


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