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The very first followers of Jesus Christ Had an amazing experience with the Scriptures www.toddpylant.com

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When they read the Bible, they heard the Spirit of God speaking to them www.toddpylant.com

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Which is why they valued the Bible and believed it to be PROFITABLE All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3.16 ESV) www.toddpylant.com

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God used it to teach them truth God used it to keep them on the right path God used it to train them in the lifelong pursuit of righteousness God used it to equip them for the good work He created them to do www.toddpylant.com

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The Bible was profitable The Bible was valuable The Bible was worthy of their time The Bible was a spiritual lifeline www.toddpylant.com

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But something happened along the way Today, almost 2/3 of people who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ never read the Bible outside of Church For many, the Bible is not profitable To them, it is not valuable To them, it is not worthy their time www.toddpylant.com

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But what if the Bible could be so much more? What if the Bible could become more than a religious textbook or a history book? What if the Bible could become God’s very breath into your soul? But how could that happen? www.toddpylant.com

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There are real barriers to having a life changing relationship with the Bible For starters, many believers don’t understand the Bible It seems like a collection of unrelated stories, much like a Mother Goose book www.toddpylant.com

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But the Bible is really the one long story of God’s relationship with His creation A story that begins in creation A story that ends in heaven A story that is really the story of our relationship with God www.toddpylant.com

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If we can understand the one story of the Bible and how our story fits into that one story, then the Bible comes alive Word of God Speak will help you understand the one story of the Bible By telling the story like, well like a story In nine acts, each with a main character and plot theme www.toddpylant.com

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But it doesn’t really matter how much we know about the Bible If we never read it It will NEVER be profitable If we never study it

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That is why Word of God Speak will help you to develop the basic spiritual disciplines that will help make the Bible profitable to you You must read the Bible regularly and systematically in order for it to be profitable So Word of God Speak includes daily Bible readings as you study the one story of the Bible

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But reading is not enough Because words go in one eye and out the other unless we capture them in our soul Which is why Word of God Speak helps you to develop the discipline of meditation, or thinking deeply about what you read

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Word of God Speak will encourage you to meditate on the Scripture through the discipline of journaling And includes journal pages And teaches you a simple journaling method that will transform your daily Bible readings www.toddpylant.com

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But reading and meditating are not enough We must memorize Scripture so we can hide it in our heart Word of God Speak has suggested memory verses for each act of the story of the Bible www.toddpylant.com

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Word of God Speak is a resource God can use in your life to make His Word profitable in your spiritual journey Read Sample Chapters www.toddpylant.com www.toddpylant.com Order for only $10

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Word of God Speak Also available through Amazon as a paperback or as a KINDLE book And through Barnes and Nobles as a NOOK Book www.toddpylant.com

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Dr. Todd Pylant is the Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Benbrook in Fort Worth, Texas. www.toddpylant.com www.toddpylant.com Music by Mercy Me, “Word of God Speak”

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