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If you have a need for speed, then you know buying a vehicle made for high speeds is a must. Tower Hobbies® offers an array of RC vehicles for any and everyone, from trail drivers to racers, they have a car or truck for you. The selection of fast RC cars from Tower Hobbies® will provide you with reliable results and give you an edge in any competition. They also offer a wide selection of upgrade parts and accessories so you can fine-tune your vehicle and maximize its speed and acceleration.


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Why Tower Hobbies® Is the Best Source for Every Style and Power Source of RC Cars and Trucks People who are unfamiliar with the world of RC cars and trucks are often convinced that taking up the hobby is as easy as picking out one of the fast remote control cars or big-wheeled off- road trucks and hitting the course. That changes very quickly when they’re confronted with the diversity of RC vehicles available. On top of the hundreds of individual RC car and truck models those vehicles are broken up into category by style power source and whether assembly is required. Thankfully for those new to the hobby and experienced hobbyists who are considering trying something new Tower Hobbies® remains the industry standard-setter for incredible selection terrific price and unmatched customer support and RC community engagement. It makes them the perfect resource for whatever variety of RC car or truck you’re curious about. Electric-Powered RC Cars and Trucks Tower Hobbies® features a huge selection of electric-powered RC cars and trucks from dozens of manufacturers. Not to mention crawlers motorcycles and tanks. Electric RC vehicles are the most common variety by far. That’s because they tend to be reliable modestly priced and often don’t require extensive mechanical knowledge. They also need little maintenance are easy to clean and run quietly. They’re appropriate for anyone from beginner to advanced RC vehicle hobbyists. Gasoline-Powered RC Cars and Trucks Gasoline-powered RC 4x4 trucks and tough long-lasting powerful RC cars are a great way to get into the fuel-powered RC vehicle niche. They can be filled up with gasoline from the local gas

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station and since they’re fired by spark plugs no special electric start or starter box accessory should be necessary. They’re commonly turned over with a pull-cord starter. Running on gas means that they’ll go as long as you keep them fueled and oiled up. Gasoline also allows for smooth running of larger RC vehicles like 1/5 scale models. Being fuel-powered however they can be a bit more expensive than electrics and can require more maintenance. Nitro-Powered RC Cars and Trucks Nitro-powered vehicles are basically the “next level” of the RC vehicle hobby universe. If you like fast RC cars nitro-powered is the way to go. If you don’t like loud RC cars or trucks however Nitro-powered is probably not the way to go. They can reach incredible speeds and they’ll let you know they’re doing it as they roar on by. That’s part of the reason that they are recommended for the more advanced RC car and truck enthusiasts. Fast as they are nitro vehicles can be harder to control. And as they are the RC vehicle equivalent of high- performance sports cars race cars and 4x4 trucks scaled down nitro-powered RC vehicles require replacement and maintenance of fuel oil and pretty much everything else that needs replacing or maintaining on a vehicle. For what’s widely considered the ultimate RC vehicle platform though it can definitely be worth it. Stock up on accessories or buy your dream RC vehicle at https://www.towerhobbies.com/

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