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Romania guided tours range from group packages, personal/private tours, cultural tours, adventure tours etc. To know more visit


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Guided Romania Tours Romania is a beautiful country located in Continent Europe. Europe is the dream destination for visitors all around the world. Apart from luxurious cities and countries in Europe like Paris Rome Italy London Visitors also like to have guided travel tours in Romanian cities. Romania is one such country which is on the list while visitors visit Europe. There are lot many options for visitors to chose from. The Romania guided tours range from group packages personal/private tours adventure tours etc. Here are some of the Romania Guided Tours which viewers can really look upon while zeroing in the type of holiday they want. Full Romania Tour For the visitors who want to fully explore Romania there is one full Romania guided tours covering several places which are usually more than 7-8 nights long. This full Romanian tour may consist of cities like Bucharest Brasov Transylvania Alba Lulia Sighisoara and much more. There are various castles museums ancient Rome walled cities and forts in these cities and villages. The

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natural mountain beauty could be seen along. The cost of the tour can vary according to the plan chosen by the visitors. Hiking Romania Guided Tour Apart from having a relaxing time in Romania visitors do come to enjoy hiking and trailing in Romania. There are various small trails which get covered in the package. Along with that the adventurous people get to meet and dine with local people with authentic food prepared by them. The adventurous tour can be extended to a week or be customized as per your needs. Weekend Getaways There are various city packages easily available for visitors planning a weekend getaway in Romania Cities. Some visitors visit the ancient Romanian villages and castles to know more about the history and relax a bit. Romania is the perfect getaway for them. There are several one-day city tours hiking tours and other sightseeing tours also available in Romania guided tours. Romania is filled with culture tradition and ancient history so each and every village has some or other unique travel place. As Romania came along the path of Invaders Romania is filled with a vast array of Historic castles monuments museums etc. The Romania Guided Tours can be personalized or in small groups which are affordable as well as comfortable.

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