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Comparison between Forex trading and stock trading :

Comparison between Forex trading and stock trading The forex (foreign exchange market) is the largest financial market operating dealing in currency across the globe. Stock market is for traders dealing in equity. There are both pros and cons of forex market and stock market trading. Earlier, forex trading was not popular with the small investors due to lack of technology and other modes of information but due to the internet access, an investor can track  the forex market sitting anywhere in the world. The forex market trades 24 hours a day and stock or equity market trades limited hours a day. In recent years forex market trading is getting the edge over the stock market. In stock market, profit is earned by buying the stock and selling it at higher price; similarly currencies are traded in pairs and sold it at higher price in foreign exchange market. The comparison between forex trading and stock trading is:- Time duration: The stock market operates limited hours or mostly 8 hours a day and Monday to Friday. On the other side, forex market opens 24 hour a day in three shifts. Due to access of internet the market lows and highs can be monitored any time of the day.

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Market size: Forex market is the largest currency market in the world. Stock market remains back in this case. In forex market there are only a few currency pairs where as there are thousands of stocks in the stock market. So stock market investor has to do a lot of search for a profitable investment. Liquidity: The forex market is the most liquid form of market. Someone is always there to trade, when the market goes low, you can  sell  the shares even then. That's why most of the investors are interested in this kind of market now. Price fluctuation: In stock market there are lots of factors which affect the price of stock since each stock is from different industry and so an investor has to look for various possible factors for price highs and lows. On the other hand, in forex market, an investor is just to look a few currency pairs so forex trader has more success ratio as compared to stock investor. So, on viewing the above key points, forex market is better security option  for an investor even when the world economy is facing ups and downs so drastically. Want to swell your coffers in less time and want to know more about forex trading and online forex along with online forex brokers feel free to visit us at:

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