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Putting It All Together : 

Putting It All Together Lori Elliott

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Did You Know? : 

Did You Know?

Digital Natives : 

Digital Natives Play Oriented Learning Should be Challenging Work at Twitch Speed Multi-Taskers Visual Learners Menu Generation

Which Generation are You? : 

Which Generation are You? Generation X Generation Y Generation Z

Generation X : 

Generation X 1960-1979

Generation Y : 

Generation Y 1980-1995

Generation Z : 

Generation Z 1996-Present

How to Bridge the Generation Gap : 

Reduce or remove any trace of threat from the learning situation Make content meaningful for students Promote physical stimulation to keep brains alert Use social interaction to assist understanding and recall How to Bridge the Generation Gap

Bloom’s Taxonomy : 

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Thinking Skills : 

Thinking Skills

Revised Blooms: 1990’s : 

Revised Blooms: 1990’s

Digital Taxonomy LOTS : 

Digital Taxonomy LOTS

Digital Taxonomy HOTS : 

Digital Taxonomy HOTS

C= Crest of the Wave : 

C= Crest of the Wave Students need lessons full of dramatic action, sudden changes, and shifting points of view to hold their attention and keep them learning. WHY?

How long can you pay attention? : 

Evironmental Factors Teacher’s Presentation Skills Learners’ Physiology Learners’ Internal Motivation How long can you pay attention?

Reality : 

On average, adults can focus up to 15 minutes. Teens… eight to 10 minutes 12 and under even less Reality

What do we remember? : 

Material at the start of class the first 10-15 minutes Very little in the middle Some points from the last moments of the lesson or class What do we remember?

CPS : 

CPS Use Video Clips such as Brain Pop

Answer : 

Brain Breaks every 15 minutes Answer

Remembering: Finding Answers Today : 

Remembering: Finding Answers Today

Google Squared : 

Google Squared

Google Lit Trips : 

Google Lit Trips

Understanding : 

Understanding Blogs Smart Board Lessons Podcasts

Make it Visual : 

Make it Visual Creative Commons on Flickr

Google Images : 

Google Images

Animoto & Voice Thread : 

Animoto & Voice Thread

What is a Podcast? : 

What is a Podcast?

Podcasting : 

Podcasting Podbean/Podomatic/iTunes Yodio Audacity Garage Band: Macs

ApplYing : 

ApplYing Comic Creators Simulations: Google Earth/SketchUp Skype PowerPoint

Xtranormal : 


Analyzing : 

Analyzing Survey Monkey Excel Wikis Google Docs

Creating : 

Creating Movie Maker Photo Story SmileBox Flip Videos Animoto

Wordle : 


Tagxedo : 


Web Tools : 

Web Tools elliottsummersessions2010.blogspot.com

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