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Boys Will Be Boys : 

Boys Will Be Boys Lori Elliott eMINTS Winter Conference

Boys : 

Cheetos + Box Fan + Empty Room = ? Boys

Boys : 

Boys Boys earn 70 percent of Ds and Fs and fewer than half of the As. Boys account for two-thirds of learning disability diagnoses. Boys represent 90 percent of discipline referrals. Boys dominate such brain-related learning disorders as ADD/ADHD, with millions now medicated in schools. 80 percent of high school dropouts are male. Males make up fewer than 40 percent of college students (Gurian, 2001).

Boy Energy : 

Boy Energy Boys tend to have more dopamine in their bloodstream- which can increase impulsive risk behavior Boys are more likely to attach their learning to movement.

Boy Energy: Implications in Classroom : 

Boy Energy: Implications in Classroom Make Movies Podcasts Digital Cameras

Did You Know? : 

Did You Know? Girls’ brains are more equipped to multitask, than boys? Boys pick up less of what is said in words. They need more sensory-tactile experiences in order to pick up learning.

Quit Talking : 

Quit Talking After about a minute of words, boys tune out. Instead of using more words, use visuals.

Classroom Tip : 

Classroom Tip Use photos or diagrams of things they need to do or remember. Smart Notebook pages or PowerPoint presentations can break directions down step by step and provide visuals Have the boys repeat the directions back to you.

Attention Tip #2 : 

Attention Tip #2 Boys are less responsive to soft touches. You may need to touch an arm lightly, make eye contact, and speak the words. Three in One!

Transitions : 

Transitions Boys do not transition quickly from one thing to the next. Try to give boys at least 60 seconds to transition. Use Smart Board Timer

Lighting : 

Lighting Boys see better in bright light, lots of light.

Visuals : 

Visuals Boys need visual and spatial media. Movies TV Clips PowerPoint Use with instruction and as student product

Notetaking : 

Notetaking The use of computers for note taking and writing is more beneficial than paper-pencil tasks for boys. Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint, Inspiration or Smart Ideas

Move It, Move It : 

Move It, Move It Boys are more impulsive and need to move. Provide opportunities during instruction for movement. Provide outdoor activity as much as possible.

It is all a Game : 

It is all a Game Boys love to compete and win. Provide instruction in game format often. If boys see things as a game, they will participate. Be prepared to set up the nature of the game and rules. Boys are all about it being fair. Use online games, PowerPoint games, and Smart Notebook interactives.

Even when reading and writing? : 

Even when reading and writing? Yes, boys need to move to think. Teach boys the proper way to move around the room while thinking and and accomplishing their literacy tasks. Teach them to be self-disciplined while moving.

Stress Balls : 

Stress Balls How about providing Nerf or stress balls for those boys that need to squeeze one with one hand while writing. They got to move it , move it.

Drawing : 

Drawing Boys may do better when given the opportunity to draw their subject before and after doing the written work. Use drawing instead of words in brainstorming before writing. : :

Writing : 

Writing Allow boys to follow their drawings into making booklets and comic strips. These shorter pieces of writing build up a boy as a writer. : :

Inspire Boys to Write : 

Inspire Boys to Write Have boys work in teams to write an essay or other writing assignment. Have a competition with the other groups of boys.

Loud and Proud : 

Loud and Proud Boys have a different level of hearing than girls. What may be a normal tone of voice for a girl, will simply not be heard by boys. They tune it out. Boys are loud and like things loud. Sit them at the front of the room to help with this. Ipods and headphones helpful

Hit the Target : 

Hit the Target Boys operate on the idea of hitting a target. They don’t just comply with assignments or learning unless they see a purpose. Use learning targets to help them see why they need to know something.

Challenge instead of Completion : 

Challenge instead of Completion Boys aren’t very motivated to complete assignments just for the sake of doing them. Present tasks as a challenge or competition and they will buy in.

Don’t Talk Feelings : 

Don’t Talk Feelings Boys don’t operate on feelings. They are driven by facts. Refrain from asking boys how something made them feel. It immediately makes them uncomfortable. Try walking with the student while discussing behavior issues. Address things the way they are with facts.

Relationships are Key : 

Relationships are Key Boys have feelings too. They respond best to adults that genuinely care about them and accept them for who they are. Build relationships with boys and learn to build on their impulsivity.

Room To Grow : 

Room To Grow Boys need space. They like to spread things out when working. Provide tables and other room arrangements to help them.

Make the Learning Real : 

Make the Learning Real Boys will jump into learning that interests them. Find high interest topics and tie your learning objectives to these topics. Use Webquests and online projects to motivate boys. Watch the magic!

Ways to Help the Struggler by Michael Gurian : 

Ways to Help the Struggler by Michael Gurian Check in with boy everyday on a personal level. Get them engaged with other students. Sit them up front. Less verbal, more computer usage. Let them move when reading, writing and learning.

Slide 35: 

Give stress objects to squeeze. Make physical education essential. Use brain breaks that include physical movement. Use mentors.

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