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No business rewards you better than eCash Planet compensation plan… tojuu Yes, we have all tried various business opportunities in the recent past – offline and online- but the truth still remains that online marketing business opportunities can not be rivalled in earnings and personal fulfilments. The days of unrealistic earning potentials are gone because online communities are now more enlightened and very sophisticated! This is surely one business opportunity you have been waiting for all the while! The eCash Planet compensation plan gives you the best opportunity to create realistic wealth with very little financial risk. In fact, you ' ll always have good money in your pocket every time you promote this business.

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About e Cash Planet Ecashplanet .com is an online home-based business which enables members to work from home. gives members access to Hotels booking, Flight booking, and Internet Marketing Products that has resell rights, as well as providing a unique earning opportunity to all Independent Affiliates / Marketers. With a combined 17 years industry experience, the ecashplanet team is here to bring members a huge range of training, savings, commissions and income. Merging our marketing, financial and I.T. expertise, and connecting thousands of home-based business owners with opportunities online, we have created a marketing plan which gives everyone the opportunity to generate a substantial recurring income and a product with many benefits and savings across the globe. Visit:

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e Cash Planet’s Products and Services Below are some of the high value e-resources that comes with your membership fee via your personalized eCashPlanet .com website:

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Contact Details e Cash Planet.Com Edificio 6 Piso 1. San Jose CR Caribbean Email : Visit:

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Your all-round success in any Internet Marketing depends on a number of personal critical factors (A) - A good name, an unblemished character and integrity - A positive mental attitude - 1% of your money - 1% of your time - 1% of your energy - 1% of your contacts/network - A good business sense - Quest for achievement and excellence - Little knowledge of use of the Internet First Things First… Visit:

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How to Begin! (a) Start by creating a user ID for yourself ( i.e. Your businessname); this is the name that will be display on the Reward Board (b) To become a member of, you need to register online through a Sponsor. Create your confidential password Create and maintain a functional E-mail Pay for your one-time membership fee: cost $220 online via liberty reserve, ewallet or alert pay . Start immediately to bring in your minimum 2 persons required to progress on the reward boards. Visit:

PowerPoint Presentation: Rewards Program consists of three simple stages. Members receive rewards by progressing through each stage. With continued effort, members can qualify to earn the Stage 1 and 2 while earning stage 3 rewards continuously. As the board is filled, you progress to the next level. As you progress you receive your first payment entitlement. So the faster the board fills, the faster you receive your commissions. Below is what you get each time you cycle from a table: Manager – 1 st table $ 100 Director – 2 nd table $ 300 Diamond Director - 3 rd table $ 7,000 Total of 1 st Complete Cycle $7,400 N.B. You are then re-entered into the system at the Stage 3 position. Earn $7,000 Over and Over Again Visit:

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…And More Bonuses For YOU! As you build your business network in eCashPlanet.Com, you are paid referral bonuses on both direct and indirect down lines, up to 5 th generations in Stages 1 and 2 only and a further $100 bonus at stage 3 for your 1-5 generation deep downlines . So apart from the cycling payments, you get extra incomes each time members of your network cycles. Quite Amazing…! Your Extra Referral Incomes are as shown below: Infact…you make money all the way through! STAGE 1 & 2 BONUS · Whenever your level 1 downline Cycles you earn 5% of whatever they receive. · Whenever your level 2 downline Cycles you earn 4% of whatever they receive. · Whenever your level 3 downline Cycles you earn 3% of whatever they receive · Whenever your level 4 downline Cycles you earn 2% of whatever they receive · Whenever your level 5 downline Cycles you earn 1% of whatever they receive STAGE 3 Sponsors earn $100 each time their downlines cycle out of DIAMOND DIRECTOR BOARD up to 5 levels deep.

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Manager Board YOU! $100 Director Board $300 Diamond Director Board $7,000 System Illustration Visit:

The Manager Board:

The Manager Board Frank Frank receives $100 instantly and moves to the Director Board The board split into two equal parts and two new boards are formed. New members are introduced by existing members Tony You Kate Ken Frank moves to the Director’s Board Eve Adam Enny Mike You Kate Tony Ken Visit:

The Director Board.:

The Director Board. Sarah Troy Tom Frank enters the Director board Tom receives $300 instantly and move to the Diamond-Director Board. The board split into two equal parts and two new Boards are formed John Loya Frank Samil Tom enters the Diamond-director Board Loya Coin Frank Samil John Visit:

The Diamond-director Board:

The Diamond-director Board Sonia Mike Crown Tom Green Lily Great Tom enters the Diamond-director Board Crown receives $7,000 instantly and is re-entered in the Diamond-director Board. The board split into two equal parts and two new boards are formed. Tom Lord Green Great Lily Visit:

Earn a recurring $7,000 over and over again!!!:

Earn a recurring $7,000 over and over again!!! Each time you cycle out of the diamond-director board you are re-entered back to the bottom of the board to earn another recurring $7,000 over and over again!!! Your earnings in is unlimited! Tyme Happy Young Crown is re-entered back to the bottom of another diamond-director Board Crown re-enters back to the bottom of another Diamond-director board. Crown Crown Globe Visit:

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AND ALL THAT IS INVOLVED ARE... 1. Determination to succed 2. Minimum Efforts 3. Little start-up fee It´s now time to do the hardest thing : taking action. If you do the right thing now and take required actions, you are liberating yourself from financial hardship for life... You must know that every decision comes with a price... Today is the much dreamt and talked about future you have been expecting these past years. And are you really happy with your situation or condition today? Your future happiness, fulfilment and financial empowerment lies with you this moment, so consider it carefully and take immediate action... Now is the right time to re-write the financial outcome of your future. Do not delay or procrastinate. ACT NOW ! Simply sign-up today and watch your business grow by the seconds... In fact, you are a few weeks away from your MILLION DOLLARS compensation. Take A Stand Now or Never!

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Sign up NOW @

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