Rose State College Nursing 2012

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Rose State College Nursing Program

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Graduating Class Of 2012

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“To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all that we go through; that is to be a NURSE.” - Rawsi Williams

Kevin Hunter:

Kevin Hunter

Ashton Cockriel:

Ashton Cockriel

Michael Willey:

Michael Willey

Sarah Beall:

Sarah Beall

Anthony Walker:

Anthony Walker

Jennifer Pannell:

Jennifer Pannell

Chris Stephens:

Chris Stephens

Summer Kanakembezi:

Summer Kanakembezi

Ryan McConnell:

Ryan McConnell

Jessica Sturtz:

Jessica Sturtz

Tim Mander:

Tim Mander

Heather Lewis:

Heather Lewis

Kristal Vasquez:

Kristal Vasquez

Jennifer McCammond:

Jennifer McCammond

Emily Myers:

Emily Myers

Carla Garner:

Carla Garner

Victoria Steffens:

Victoria Steffens

Heather Choate:

Heather Choate

Lorrie Mann:

Lorrie Mann

Amy Miller:

Amy Miller

Christina Turner:

Christina Turner

Tonya Carr:

Tonya Carr

Jennifer Benedict:

Jennifer Benedict

Kristen Bibbs:

Kristen Bibbs

Kimberly Chapman:

Kimberly Chapman

Taylor Difalco:

Taylor Difalco

Michelle Enriquez :

Michelle Enriquez

Joseph Gill:

Joseph Gill

Tamara Hurt:

Tamara Hurt

Amie Jones:

Amie Jones

Carol Kirts-Davis :

Carol Kirts -Davis

Shuyan Li:

Shuyan Li

Shannon Melot:

Shannon Melot

Jenny Miller:

Jenny Miller

Lora Prater:

Lora Prater

Darrius Reid:

Darrius Reid

John Seilas:

John Seilas

Belinda Sheets:

Belinda Sheets

Eugenia Shook:

Eugenia Shook

Gracie Simmons Lee:

Gracie Simmons Lee

Susan Wilkins:

Susan Wilkins

Justin Brown:

Justin Brown

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Class of 2012

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We would like to thank all of our family and friends who helped us to achieve this tremendous task! To our beloved teachers: We will never forget you. Thank you for everything!

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Congratulations!!! We Did It!!!!!!

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