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Benefits of TCA Peel For years, chemical peels are in practice to correct many skin flaws. People of that period also knew very well that chemical peel treatment improves wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, shallow scars, fine lines, and many other skin flaws. Trichloroacetic acid is the active ingredient of TCA peel and it is known for its medium depth peeling effect. From 15% to 50% strength of this acid is used for different types of treatments. Lower concentrations or lower strengths address problems that are not so deep rooted, while a higher concentration of TCA is found very effective for problems that lie relatively deeper. A patient needs multiple medium TCA peel treatments to experience satisfactory results. The number of treating sessions, spacing between two sessions, and strength of the solution mainly depend on the goal of the treatment. For many years, TCA peel is in practice and mostly done by skin care professionals. Since its effects are relatively harsher than the light alpha hydroxyl acid peels, those who do not have experience with TCA peel should refrain from doing it on their own. Many benefits of TCA peels are in view. To explain the benefits of TCA peels in few words, you can say that it makes you look younger and healthier, your face gets rid of the wrinkles, dead or dull skin layers, and the aging signs will be much less visible. Let’s see it in some details. Benefits of TCA peel treatment are many, including getting rid of sun damages, eliminating fine facial lines, removal of lip creases, crow feet and deep forehead lines, and getting rid of dead skin cells/layers. TCA peel also fades deeper scars and wrinkles, removes acne scars, removes freckles and age spots, corrects uneven pigmentation, fades dark spots on the skin, removes or lightens tattoo, etc. TCA peel suits most types of skins and can be used anywhere on the body. When you undergo a full TCA peel treatment, you will find your skin has become smooth, well toned and textured, free from any flaws and looks younger and healthier. Most of the aging signs that worry lot of us fade away or eliminated totally. The skin actually rejuvenates to offer a younger look. Healing time of a TCA peel is about 7 to 14 days. This peel is typically used as a medium to deep chemical peel with varying concentrations. Most of the surface wrinkles will go after its treatment. Many superficial blemishes, uneven pigmentation will go or fade away after the treatment. Its treatment is rapid and requires less than 30 minutes to complete. Side effects and risks associated with a TCA peel treatment are fewer and of less severe nature. Most of them can be well controlled if proper care is taken on time. The after treatment instructions have their own significance; one has to follow the instructions seriously to avoid any discomfort and to get the desired results. If you happen to note reviews of those people who regularly use TCA treatment, you can appreciate how much favor this peel receives from the users. Its many benefits and ease of use have brought it high on the list of chemical peels. While a light AHA peel is safe but produces less dramatic results, a deep phenol peel produces deeper results but it is full of risks and side effects. When it comes to a TCA peel treatment, it works relatively deeper

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while very few and less severe side effects or risks are associated with it. In short, the so many benefits of TCA peel are attracting more and more people to its fold. References:

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