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goat Farm Animals Year 2 Ms Grech Siggiewi Primary

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The goat The goat is brown . The goat is big. The goat eats grass. The goat has two horns.

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The duck The duck has five eggs. The duck has orange legs. The duck is in the pond. The duck is eating grass.

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The cat The cat is black. The cat is eating food. The cat is on the ground. The cat is an animal. The cat is drinking water.

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The cow The cow is black and white. The cow gives us milk. The cow lives on the farm.

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The donkey The donkey is brown. The baby of the donkey is a foal. The donkey is small. The donkey has a neck. The donkey has a white nose.

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The rooster The rooster is red and orange. The rooster has two legs. The rooster has a little baby .

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The dog This is a dog. The dog is brown. It has four legs. We like dogs.

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The horse This is a horse. The horse is big and brown. The horse runs fast.

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The hen This is a hen. The hen lays eggs. The hen lives in a coop. The baby of the hen is a chick.

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The sheep The sheep gives us milk. The sheep is white. The sheep eats grass. The sheep is big. The sheep has a baby.

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The pig The pig is pink. The pig is big. The pigs are in the farm. The pig has a baby. The pig is playing with animals.

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The rabbit The rabbit is running. The rabbit is in a hole. The rabbit is grey. The rabbit sees the flowers. The rabbit is behind the grass. The rabbit eating the grass.

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