Caring for Your Senior Dog

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Caring for Your Senior Dog Do you have an aging dog in your household Our senior companions make wonderful pets. Keep your dog healthy as he ages with these tips from an Omaha NE veterinary professional: Dietary Needs All senior dogs should be eating a specially formulated diet made just for the nutritional needs of an aging canine. Consult your veterinarian for a recommendation on a high-quality well-balanced senior diet that suits your dog’s needs. Light Exercise Don’t allow your dog to become sedentary as he ages Light exercise on a regular basis is key for maintaining good bodily functions and a healthy weight. Go on brisk walks through the neighborhood or quick jogs around the backyard. Your pooch will thank you Grooming Routine Be sure to keep up with your dog’s grooming routine as he gets older. The nails will still need clipped regularly and daily brushing can help to keep the coat clean healthy and well-moisturized with natural skin oils. The occasional bath—using a canine-formulated shampoo of course—can also help. Talk to your vet for more advice on your canine companion’s grooming needs. For even more care tips for senior dogs contact your veterinarians Omaha NE. We’re here to help

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