Basic Guide To Your Body Armour


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Basic Guide To Your Body Armour : 

Basic Guide To Your Body Armour

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There are two ways of wearing body armour. It can either be worn over your clothes or beneath it. The ones used over clothing are those bulky ballistic armors that are mostly utilized by soldiers, militaries and the like. The thinner ones or as what we most often call the concealable ballistic vests are popularly donned by executives, civilians or even in law enforcement officers.

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Concealable body armour is designed for undershirt wear or anything like a suit, a jacket, or even a dress. This is primarily utilized if a person wants his ballistic vest to be inconspicuous to the public so as not to call attention. Concealed bullet proof vests are usually made from moisture wicking materials to provide the wearer comfort and a much cooler feel which mostly come in lighter shades.

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Concealable bullet resistant vests are popularly sought by individuals such as undercover agents, close protection officers, politicians, businessmen, and the like where overt type of armor is not a practical choice.

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However, for those who require stronger ballistic resistance from high-caliber guns need to wear higher levels of protection as well. These features can be found only in higher levels of body armour which is of course only possible in level 3 and level 4 vests. These vests are usually bulkier and heavier, hence only worn over clothing. Overt vests are designed to make the wearer stands out even in the crowd or even in a far distance.

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These types of ballistic armours are common in police forces, security firms, military, and marine among many other law enforcement agencies. But still, these men in law enforcement bureaus may have different requirements in protection level since not all military are working in the field. They also have different assignments; some may need to face high powered rifles like if they are assigned in combat that may require a level 4 protection, while some may only have simple police work which a level 3 body armor can handle.

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Whatever the purpose is in wearing them, there remains two primary factors why these body armour is being seek out for over twenty-five years now. First, although it started to be cumbersome when it comes to weight but because of the advancement in technology, modern ballistic vest is lighter, much comfortable and flexible.

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Plus, apart from these improvements, the latest innovation of bulletproof vests provides the same or even higher protection performance. Secondly, because of today’s high crime rate, the wear of bullet proof vest is required by most law enforcement agencies, military officials, and even civilians whose stature in the society belongs to the elite family.

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Now that you already know the basics about body armour, make sure that before getting your own protective gear that you already know which type is needed. Do you need to have the concealable one or the overt one?

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