Bullet Proof Body Armour Is Now Available For Civilian


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Body Armour Bullet Proof Body Armour Is Now Available For Civilian

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Civilian Can Now Have a Bullet Proof Body Armour For many years, the purchase of body armour is exclusively by members of law enforcement and military organization for many years. Today, buying bullet-resistant vests have become increasingly popular as more people became more concerned with their security. Others have reason like being involved in recreational hunting. Law Concerning A Body Armour Usage Today, civilian bulletproof vests are available to anyone. However there are certain laws that must be followed for safe and proper usage. Most states have no prohibitions on ownership or even wear of body armor, but many pose criminal penalties if the crime is committed while wearing body armor . As of February 2010, it is against federal law for a convicted felon to possess, purchase or wear any type of body armor. In Oklahoma, Wisconsin, California and Massachusetts, donning a bulletproof vest during the commission or attempted commission of a felony can lead to an additional felony conviction or the adding of extra years to the final prison sentence. In Michigan, simply uttering threats while wearing a bulletproof vest is a felony. In other states, the accused must also brandish a weapon in order to be guilty of a felony.

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Connecticut further restricts body armor sales by prohibiting online purchases and shipping of armor to any location in the state, even if purchased by a law-abiding citizen. In the state of Michigan, convicted felons may still possess body armor if they can prove a need for it in their job and can get written permission to do so from their local sheriff or other law enforcement official. Although this contradicts federal laws on the matter, it has not yet been challenged by federal courts and is therefore still in use. In Florida, New Jersey and Louisiana, convicted felons may not own body armor, and are subject to even heftier fines and even longer prison terms than normal if they use the armor to aid them in committing other crimes. Advantages of Body Armour The advantage of having a civilian bulletproof vest is that it gives you a sense of security and safety. It can remove your worries and you can do the things you need to do out of harm’s way. It gives you the drive to do a dangerous task. Most people who buy these vests are residents in high-crime areas like those who experienced burglaries; security guards and armored car personnel; business or property owners who must provide their own security; taxi drivers; business owners who must carry large amounts of cash for payrolls, purchasing, auctions, bank deposits; crime victims or witnesses who fear retribution from criminals; and shooting range personnel and Concealed Carry License instructors, and the list goes on.

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