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What is Advertising? : 

What is Advertising? Advertising: The paid, public, non-personal announcement of a persuasive message by an identified sponsor; the non-personal presentation or promotion by a firm of its products to its existing and potential customers.

Effects of Advertising : 

Effects of Advertising American children see an average of 360,000 television ads before they graduate high school. The average American spends 1.5 years watching television during his or her lifetime. 2/3 of all consumers buy ONLY well known brands.

Functions of Advertising : 

Functions of Advertising Inform the public about a product. Attract consumers attention. Motivate consumers to buy the product.

10 Techniques of Persuasion : 

10 Techniques of Persuasion Humor- Funny or crazy images. Macho – Strong, tough, powerful images. Friends – Groups of people having fun. Family – Mother, father, and children. Fun – Everyone is happy. Nature – Outdoor settings. Sexy – Models and revealing clothing. Cartoon – People or animals as drawings. Celebrity – Someone most people know. Wealth – Expensive items all together.

Long-term Advertising : 

Long-term Advertising Institutional Advertising is a type of advertising in which the retailer attempts to gain long-term benefits by promoting and selling the store itself rather than the merchandise in the store. Creating a positive store image.

Short-term Advertising : 

Short-term Advertising Promotional advertising is a type of advertising in which the retailer attempts to increase short-term performance by using product availability or price as a selling point. Increased patronage form existing customers. Attraction of new customers.

Commonly Used Advertising Techniques : 

Commonly Used Advertising Techniques Information Status Peer Approval Hero Endorsement Sexual Attraction Entertainment Intelligence Independence Unfinished Comparison

Sales Techniques : 

Sales Techniques Guarantees Scarcity Perceptual Contrast Scientific or numerical claims Negative option

Unethical Techniques : 

Unethical Techniques Bait and Switch Exploitation of Fears and Misgivings Supermarket Specials Out-of-context Quotations

Misleading Advertising : 

Misleading Advertising Health Fraud Credit Repair “Get rich quick” Schemes Product Misrepresentation Travel Fraud

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