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Using Appositive Phrases : 

Using Appositive Phrases

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The baguette, the most popular bread in France, is a loaf about two feet long. The king of the breakfast rolls, the croissant, is shaped like a crescent. The baker, Andy Tobin, makes superb croissants.

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What is an appositive phrase?

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Why use them?

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An appositive phrase explains or identifies a noun or a pronoun by positioning a noun or a phrase right next to it. It is a noun or a pronoun plus all the words that may modify it, such as prepositional phrases.

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Serendipity, the quality of making fortunate discoveries by accident, was on Columbus' side when he found America. The journey was so perilous that his flagship, the Santa Maria, sank. Columbus was looking for Cathay, a land of wealth and splen­dor in the orient, when he discovered America. The light bulb and the phonograph, discoveries of Edison, are among humankind's most marvelous achievements.

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PLACEMENT of the appositive phrase A couple of forgotten virtues, patriotism and the love of family, are being rediscovered by Americans. A couple of forgotten virtues - patriotism and the love of family - are being rediscovered by Americans. Americans are rediscovering a couple of forgotten virtues: patriotism and the love of family.

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Lisa painted each fingernail a different color. Lisa is the class clown. Practice

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Charles Fourier lost all his inheritance in the French Revolution. His inheritance was 250,000 francs. The French Revolution was a struggle against the ruling class from 1789 to 1799.

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