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Advantages of Original Breathable Summer Fabrics with Bangkok Tailors Toms Fashion. For more information visit at


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Advantages of Original Breathable Summer Fabrics with Bangkok Tailors:

Advantages of Original Breathable Summer Fabrics with Bangkok Tailors Qualities of Original Cotton Fabric. Cotton is a natural fabric produced by yarns and fiber of the cotton threads . It has numerous advantages with core value being its comfort, breathability and easy to maintain. Major value of cotton fabrics includes; -Easy to Maintain -Breathability -Comfort -Strong Fibers -Durability Makes Clear Dyes -Soft and Easily Pressed


Linen Characteristics of Quality Linen Fabric. Linen has a natural tendency to constrict or expand when washed and worn. Its lighter fibers weave allows fresh air particles to flow in and out in hot summer climates. It’s a weave made from natura l fibers of especially flax but can also be woven from either cotton hemp . Basic qualities include; -Flexibility -Breathability -Long lasting fibers Comfortable -Appealing Texture -Easy to Dye


Rayon Characteristic Quality of Rayon An original blend of natural pine, spruce, hemlock and cotton linters together with cellulose ad caustic soda. This produces a versatile, lighter and breathable fabric with sturdier build. Best advantages of rayon include; -Lightweight -Comfortable -Absorbent -Breathable -Easy drape -Soft and Easy to Dye -Durable

Hemp :

Hemp Characteristic Quality of Hemp Hemp is a natural extract from the hemp and has 7 seven times stronger fiber than natural cotton. It is easy to maintain but above all provides a classical comfort. Major advantages include; -Strong and durable -Eco-friendly -Anti bacterial & mildew resistant. -Attractive finish -Breathable & Comfortable -Retains Shape -High color retention - D amage resistant -Easy to Dye

Seer Sucker:

Seer Sucker Characteristic Quality of SeerSucker Although a blend of lightweight cotton, linen or synthetic fabrics , seersucker cotton tends to avail sufficient comfort when the mercury goes above normal. Its main attraction is the rugged look from the outside. However these are its advantages or qualities; -Breathable -Cool and Comfortable -Retains Moisture -Strong and Durable -Elegant on Sunny Days -Absorbent

Light Wool:

Light Wool Characteristic Quality of Light Wool Wool in general is a cold weather fabric as it retains or generates heat. Yet amazingly its breathable too. Being a natural fiber its made or engineered to perform warm weather functions with light weight wool. These include; -Breathable and Comfortable -Light Weight -Drapes Well -Durable -Retains Moisture

Difference of Best Tailor in Bangkok Quality Fabrics :

Difference of Best Tailor in Bangkok Quality Fabrics Why Breathable Fabrics? Unlike common grade synthetic fabrics certified natural fiber fabrics are good at moisture retention and allow comfortable dressing even in peak hot weather. They are fundamentally cool and absorbent and most are ordour less dresses even after a round of walking. They are versatile on any day for a comfortable feeling and still look elegant though they may wrinkle easily. Why Bangkok Tailors? For long, the best tailors in Bangkok have strived to keep the expertise and commitment to excellence in custom tailoring. This has produced unmatched quality and sincerity in making the best custom tailored cloths with artistic flair, quality fabrics and at most affordable rates in Thailand. -Original Mill Fabrics -Certified for Mark of Originality -Guaranteed for a Trust -Trusted and Tested by Millions -Fast Service -Tested for Originality

Best Tailors in Bangkok :

Best Tailors in Bangkok Bespoke Fashion Tailors

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