Repair corrupt Mac volumes with Stellar Volume Repair


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Deal with damaged Mac volumes, resolve directory errors, Invalid key length, Invalid index key errors, creates boot DVD to resolve errors on Mac boot volume.


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Resolving Mac boot volume errors!! Issues Covered: - Invalid Key Length Invalid Index Key Directory Errors Volume Repair Utility

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Mac Drive Failure Symptoms Unmounted volume due to multiple errors. Frozen Mac with no proper boot-up. Due to severity of error, Disk Utility is unable to repair the volume and ask the user to back-up immediately. Running 'FSCK' displays errors like 'Invalid Key Length error' and 'Invalid index key'. You can view the file structure of the volume but files remain in read only mode.

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Boot Volume Corruption Due to the errors in previous slide, the boot volume of the Mac might indicate a near future failure costing you both on data inaccessibility as well as cost. Apart from the serious errors, there might also be some minor flaws like - damage done to the catalog file, multi linked files, extents overflow file, journaled files, volume bitmap, and volume information. To fix the erroneous boot volume, create a boot DVD with the help of Stellar Volume Repair.

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Launch the tool >> Click 'Continue' . Select Boot Volume of the Mac. From the tool bar >> Click 'Rebuild'. The option 'Create Bootable DVD' appears. Select 'Create Image' >> Select Destination Path. Click 'Choose' to initiate Imaging process. Upon its completion, select 'Burn DVD' button. (Make sure the DVD is inserted in the drive else the tool will prompt a message). Proceed with Burn >> Erase to initiate the process. The process ends and bootable DVD is ejected.

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How to repair 'Boot–Volume' With the help of Boot DVD, start your Mac. From 'Main Interface >> Goto Continue' Select the boot volume from the menu (left-side), hit 'Rebuild' button to launch vigorous scan. The tool rebuilds all possible errors persisting on a Mac boot volume. If the errors are beyond the scope of tool, then user can roll back to the directory to its former state.

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Precautions: Never halt the 'Directory Rebuild' process in between, doing so may corrupt the entire OS X drive for sure. Credit: Tom Patrick tompatrick2009(@) (Remove brackets).

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