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Costume research :

Costume research Tommy Nutt


Protagonist A protagonist is the main hero in the film and will often portray the good character in the film, using bright colours, for example Iron M an is red and yellow, Superman is red and blue, etc. The colours are a clear indication of purity and happiness which shows the audience clearly who is the protagonist. “the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, etc.” Man Of Steel Trailer


Antagonist The antagonist will usually be the one in the movie who is the villain and will be wearing dark, mysterious colours. For example, main known villains or antagonists are Darth Vader, The Joker and The Terminator, it is clear that all of these villains wear dark, mysterious clothing to portray their evilness. This indicates clearly to the audience that these people are antagonists and consequently make the characters hated when seen “A person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary .” Star Wars Episode VII T railer


Anti-stereotypes In some cases there are anti-stereotypical men or women who are portrayed differently than expected, there are examples of this such as Angelina Jolie in SALT as she is portrayed as a strong secret agent, which is not the typical stereotype of a woman which is being helpless and isolated. Also there are cases in films of anti-stereotypical men, where they are not as powerful as men are supposed to be stereotyped as. For example if a man was weak and vulnerable. SALT TRAILER TOMB RAIDER TRAILER

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