Hurricane Proof Windows in Miami and Boca Raton

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Hurricane Proof Windows in Miami and Boca Raton:

Hurricane Proof Windows in Miami and Boca Raton There are three options to protect your property that the Miami-Dade building code allows you to choose from: Storm Shutters Plywood panels Impact resistant windows

Storm shutters:

Storm shutters Effective but are unattractive expensive structural damage down the road Eat away at the stucco and trickle down Standing water, even in small amounts, can cause severe damage Compromise the structural integrity of the building Expensive and time-consuming repairs are necessary.

Plywood panels:

Plywood panels Protect your property from wind penetration, are durable material fairly easy to install Each panel is more susceptible to water damage Expansion from moisture than other types of lumber They are unattractive to the eye A hassle to take off after a storm

Impact resistant windows:

Impact resistant windows Protect your home or business from wind penetration and water damage Hurricane proof windows , also known as hurricane windows, storm windows, impact resistant windows Elegantly designed windows constructed Heavy-duty aluminum frames and two sheets of laminated glass An SGP or PVB interlayer Variety of shapes and sizes Customized to match any style or personal taste

Hurricane windows in Miami and Boca Raton:

Hurricane windows in Miami and Boca Raton Miami’s stringent building code requirements Extensive wind and pressure testing The performance grade and design pressure are two components Hurricane windows will hold up against the changing air temperatures High-speed winds of hurricanes

Five performance grade categories:

Five performance grade categories Residential Light Commercial Commercial Heavy Commercial Architectural

Residential performance grade:

Residential performance grade Residential performance grade which has a minimum recommended design pressure of 15 psf. Impact windows at this rating are tested to withstand sustained wind pressure of approximately 95-mph on both sides of the glass panel, recreating the negative and positive pressures. To provide the maximum range of safety, the test pressure is always 150% of the rated design pressure. Each window must also pass a water pressure test that simulates continued rainfall at speeds of 34 mph. These are just minimal requirements, and in areas like Miami and Boca Raton, the impact window used depends on the building type and location.

Hurricane proof windows:

Hurricane proof windows When you purchase hurricane proof windows, make sure that the products that you’re considering are approved by Miami-Dade County. Impact window in Boca Raton are not all created equal. Conduct thorough product research to make sure the product you’re interested in meets the most recent building code requirements.

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