Bridge by Norman Parish and Georges M'Bourou

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Bridge is intended be an information transfer between visual artists in the US and Gabon.


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Slide 1: presents: Parish Gallery’s Exhibition: “Bridge”

Slide 2: 

An art exhibit by: American artist Norman Parish and Gabonese artist George M’Bourou Presented by the Gabonese American Community and Cultural Center” (GACC)

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In this show Norman Parish Artist, owner of Parish Gallery and one of the most respected and influential Black art gallery owners in the world steps firmly into the role of artist to collaborate in this show with

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George M’Bourou , one of Gabon’s most celebrated awarding winning contemporary artists with his own unique style of oil on canvas creating vibrant color combinations and complementary textures. He is the recipient of numerous awards including being selected to decorate the façade of the African Pavilion at the 2005’s Universal Exhibition in Aichi, Japan.

Slide 5: 

Now stroll through the exhibit making virtual visits back and forth across the “Bridge” beginning with the abstract images of Mr. M’Bourou and then across the bridge to see the figurative images of Mr. Parish. After your stroll you can return to any image for a more in depth appreciation of the artistry of these gentlemen.

Slide 6: 

Source de Lumiere (Source of Light) M’Bourou

Slide 7: 

Path Series #2 by Parish

Slide 8: 

Meditation M’Bourou

Slide 9: 

Lake Seneca Fall By Parish

Slide 10: 

Nature et Lumiere I (Naure and Light I) M’Bourou

Slide 11: 

Late Summer Evening on Canal Road By Parish

Slide 12: 

Lumiere et Tradition (Light and Tradition) M’Bourou

Slide 13: 

Last Pass By Parish

Slide 14: 

Femme, Symbol de Lumiere (Woman, Symbol of Light) by M’Bourou

Slide 15: 

Path Series #1 by Parish

Slide 16: 

Nature et Lumiere I (Naure and Light I) by M’Bourou

Slide 17: 

Stilt Walkers By Parish

Slide 18: 

Nature et Lumiere II (Nature and Light II) by M’Bouro u

Slide 19: 

Eyes of Nature by Parish

Slide 20: 

Nature et Luminere III (Nature and Light III) By M’Bourou

Slide 21: 

Nature et Luminere IV (Nature and Light IV) By M’Bourou

Slide 22: 

Mr. M’Bourou will return to Parish Gallery for a solo exhibit in 2011 during Parish Gallery’s twentieth anniversary celebrations

Slide 23: hopes you have enjoyed the show. See you next month.

Slide 24: 

Photographs by Bruce McNeil Music: Willow Weep for Me (Ronell) played by Wes Montgomery from “A Day in the Life”

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