Restore the Oaks

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Slide 1: PRESENTS A Virtual Exhibit of

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“Restore the Oaks” Art Under the Overpass in Tremé The New Orleans African American Museum of Art and Culture ’s Exhibit

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In response to a 2002 call to artist by The Museum , New Orleans’ artists created a permanent exhibition of murals under Interstate 10 memorializing the people, organizations, mighty oaks and traditions of historic Tremé, the Seventh Ward and the African American experience in New Orleans.

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Art Under the Overpass in Tremé

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Mighty Oak Proxies

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In Restore the Oaks The Museum exhibited images of the larger-than-life murals adorning pillars supporting Interstate 10 along Claiborne Avenue between Orleans and St. Bernard Avenues, where once mighty Oak trees created an oasis of green.

Slide 7:

Louis’ World by Joy Elsel

Slide 8:

“When you sing gospel you have a feeling there is a cure for what’s wrong .” Mahalia Jackson

Slide 9:

Some Mo Hair Baby by Labetha McCormick

Slide 10:

Sidney Bechet, Wellman Braud and Gene Fields by Kirk Douglas II

Slide 11:

Portrait of Fats by Lanis J. Domino

Slide 12:

New Orleans Jazz Funeral by Nathaniel Williams

Slide 13:

Untitled by Michael Bridges

Slide 14:

Zulu by Rudy DeMesme Valentino

Slide 15:

Some Like That Pump and Rhythm by Theresa Crushon

Slide 16:

Ernie K-Doe Emperor of The Universe by Cheryl McKay Dixon

Slide 17:

Norbert Rilleux engineer and inventor

Slide 18:

Untitled by Frank Will

Slide 19:

Untitled by Ivan Watkins

Slide 20:

Skelton Baby Dolls by Jamar Davol Pierre

Slide 21:

Presence of Africa by M. Sani

Slide 22:

Untitled by John Peyton

Slide 23:

Town Crier by Claire Foster Burnett

Slide 24:

Treme Market by Dianna Sales

Slide 25:

Treme Makin Groceries in the 1950s by Michelle Lavine

Slide 26:

Treme Neighborhood by Annette Merritt

Slide 27:

Thonry Lafon by Byron G. Martin

Slide 28:

Dr. Rivers Frederick by Rene Pierre

Slide 29:

Janel Santiago, Nelson Marsalis, The Morials

Slide 30:

God Called Me To Be A Crusader by Antoine Price, Jr

Slide 31:

Village Talking Stick by Robert Aquarius

Slide 32:

Untitled by Sean Haynes

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Music: Intro from Aura by Miles Davis West End Blues by Louis Armstrong Mood Indigo by Jungle Band from Ken Burns Jazz Disc 1

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