Roots of Hope by GEORGES M'Bourou Painter of Libreville, Gabon

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PARISH GALLERY’s Exhibition : Roots of Hope by GEORGES M'Bourou Painter of Libreville, Gabon

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M. M’Bourou ,flanked on his left by Norman Parish owner of Parish Gallery in Georgetown and on his right by Richard Everett of . .

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M. M'Bourou returned to Parish Gallery after an impressive and well received first U. S. appearance with Mr. Parish in a joint show inSeptember 2010

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M. M'Bourou is a celebrated Gabon artist. His paintings are essentially a quest into the mystery of light. Recurring themes include life scenes, women’s faces, and African rites and traditions. His works have appeared in Gabon and internationally. He has received numerous prizes, notably in 2005 when he was selected to represent Africa at the World Expo in Aichi, Japan.

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His paintings range from figurative to abstract. His colors are vibrant and his textures are diverse resulting from paint layering, dripping and scraping.

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Spirit of Light

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Women and Everyday Objects

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Tropical Forest

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Roots of Hope

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Ode to Tomorrow

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Women and Tradition

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Still Life and Nature

Slide 19:

Motombi -Tree of Life

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Idenity Affirmed

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Georges M'Bourou is one of Gabon‘s most celebrated contemporary artists . A graduate of ENAM School Libreville ( L‘ecole National d‘art et manufacture), he has developed his own unique and instantly recognizable style of oil on canvas.

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M. M'Bourou paintings will be on view at Parish Gallery through May 17, 2011. Come in and enjoy them in person. They will be viewable indefinitely at and YouTube .

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Please return to in May 2011 to see Stan Squirewell : Interconnected which will be shown here in cooperation with International Visions-The Gallery . Mr. Squirewell was a finalist in The Artisan Series, a nationwide competition in search of the next names in innovative art.

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