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The Nervous System : 

The Nervous System Theresa O’Donnell

Cells of the Nervous System : 

Cells of the Nervous System The nervous system has two types of cells -Support cells: assist the neuron with its functioning -Neurons: nerve cells which carry out processes such as energy production.

Cells : 

Cells Neuron cells transmit messages and the structure stays constant. The structures of the Neuron Cells are: Cell body- enclosed by cell membrane. dendrite-bring information to the cell body. axon-take information away from the cell body. Carries the nerve impulse away from the cell body.

Tissues : 

Tissues Nervous tissue controls and regulates body functions. -made up of two systems: Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system

Tissues : 

Tissues Peripheral nervous system: gathers signals from all over the body and sends them to the central nervous system. Central nervous system: serves to integrate and relay these signals for passage through the peripheral nervous system to the appropriate targets in the body.

The Brain : 

The Brain The nervous system relays messages back and forth from the brain to various parts of the body. The brain tells the body how to react when messages are sent and received.

The Spine : 

The Spine The spinal cord runs from your brain down your back and is a part of the peripheral nervous system.

Bibliography : 

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